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Sep 19

Batman v Superman Batcave Concept Art is Beautiful

Batman v Superman Batcave Concept Art is Beautiful by filmjunkee More concept art has come out of the Batman v Superman world this time showing us the beauty that is the Batcave. Production designer, Patrick Tatopoulos, brought these images to life and we all can’t wait to see more of it. Source: Concept Art World

Jul 31

New Batman v Superman Concept Art Shows Superman and Doomsday Battling

New Batman v Superman Concept Art Shows… by filmjunkee New concept art from Batman v Superman has surfaced showing Doomsday and Superman fighting, and Wayne’s new home. These pieces of art are from Christian Lorenz Schemer who also did Thor: The Dark World. Enjoy.

Dec 28

Ben Affleck Talks Batman’s Role in the Justice League Movies

Entertainment Weekly will be giving us some more Batman v Superman goodness that features a look at the new Batcave, but Ben Affleck also did some chatting about Batman’s role in the Justice League movies. Batman represents human beings, mortal men. In a world of Flashes and Aquamen and Supermen, there needs to be that guy. …

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Dec 28

The Batcave from Batman v Superman Gets Looked at from a New Angle

Entertainment Weekly seems to always give us the goods, and apparently we’re going to get a new look at the Batcave from Batman v Superman. Someone has scanned in the images so we don’t have the hi-res versions yet. High-tech, man. Source: Heroic Hollywood

Aug 25

Take a Tour of the Batcave from Gotham Season 2!

Source: Comicbook.com