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Apr 17

Zack Snyder Talks Why they Chose Batman and Costumes for Batman Vs. Superman

Mark Hughes is a man you should follow into the Twitter world, because he is a blogger for Forbes and he is a huge Batman nerd. He had the privilege to talk to the captain of the Batman Vs. Superman ship, Zack Snyder, and the director opened up about why they chose Batman, and of …

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Mar 11

Ben Affleck Batsuit Leak Madness! Zack Snyder Caught Off Guard!


Welcome fellow film nerds. Time to talk a little movies with you guys. Sunday was a day of photos circulating that claimed to be the Ben Affleck batsuit, but sadly, they have been deemed fakes. The costume designer claims that some awesome photos might surface in a few weeks, so I will keep my eyes …

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Mar 09

Batman Vs. Superman Costume Designer Talks More About the Costumes [Video]


Michael Wilkinson teases the Batman Vs. Superman costumes once again, in a more up-close and personal video. HenryCavillNews uploaded a video where they got to ask about the designs of each costume, in which Wilkinson teases us with how awesome they look. He also mentions how production officially begins next month, and that he will …

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Mar 05

Zack Snyder Claims the Batsuit Unveiling this Month is News to Him [Video]

Damn you Zack Snyder. You need to share this fantasy you are living at this moment. You have two HUGE superhero characters gracing the big-screen together for the first time, and you keep teasing us by how great it is. Apparently according to Mr. Snyder, the whole unveiling of the batsuit this month is news …

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Mar 05

Batman Vs. Superman Costume Designer Talks Batsuit! More Matrix Movies Coming?

Hello film nerds. It is time to talk a little movies with yours truly. Today we got Zack Snyder talking Batman Vs. Superman casting and backlash. Love the words he had to say to all the haters. More Matrix movies might be hitting the big screen which really tickles my movie bone. Really want to …

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Mar 03

Zack Snyder Talks Batman Vs. Superman Cast Backlash and Bringing the Heroes Together


Zack Snyder has got to be one of luckiest men in the world, and the most unluckiest man in the world. He is lucky in the fact that for the first time, he is bringing Batman and Superman together in one movie which has never been done before. Unlucky because if he Fs this one …

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Feb 19

Ben Affleck Batsuit Reveal likely Pushed Back to March


WHY?! Oh why must you do this to us Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder? The rumor that we will see a batsuit at the end of this month has been changed to the end of March. Mark Hughes, who told us about the batsuit reveal could be this week or next, tweeted out that Batman …

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Feb 15

Ben Affleck Batsuit to be Revealed Next Week?! Black Widow Standalone Movie in the Works!


Happy Saturday Film friends. Let’s talk some movies. We’re hoping that that Ben Affleck batsuit is going to show its prettiness in the next, which you know I will be on top of. Keep the site in your bookmarks, or follow me on an of those social media machines and keep a lookout. Enjoy the …

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Dec 22

Costumes Almost Done for Batman Vs. Superman


Batman Vs. Superman will begin principal photography in February, which just means the crew of the movie are working tirelessly in the pre-production stages. One in particular person that is working hard is costume designer┬áMichael Wilkinson. He has given us an update on how the costumes are coming along. We are now in the stage …

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Dec 21

Joaquin Phoenix for Lex Luthor?! Paul Rudd is Ant-Man


Happy saturday film lovers. Time for another video dosage of the Film Junkee. Not a whole lot of news on today’s show, but there is a some good Batman Vs. Superman news. Joaquin Phoenix might be up for the Lex Luthor role, which I think is a pretty good idea. Enjoy the show! Movie News …

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