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Jul 28

Joe Manganiello Updates Deathstroke Batman Status…but Not Really

Joe Manganiello sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss all kinds of things. Mainly he talked about his obsession with Dungeons and Dragons, but of course they had to ask about his status with Deathstroke in Batman given the changes to the script. I don’t. Well, I do but nothing that I can share. …

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May 01

Matt Reeves Talks About His Love for Batman

Matt Reeves Talks About his Love for Batman by filmjunkee Matt Reeves has opened up about his love for Batman, even though he will have to be promoting War for the Planet of Apes pretty soon. Here is what he told Los Angeles Daily News: It’s a strange thing to be involved in the two franchises …

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Feb 17

Matt Reeves Exits The Batman Movie Negotiations

Matt Reeves Exits The Batman Movie Negotiations by filmjunkee To all the bloggers out there that wrote: “Matt Reeves to Direct The Batman!” You’re stupid. Stop and think before you post shit like that. Matt reeves was in negotiations, or “in talks”. Now, those headlines mean nothing, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, Reeves has …

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Feb 13

Ridley Scott in Line to Direct The Batman Movie if Matt Reeves Doesn’t?

Ridley Scott In Line to Direct The Batman Movie… by filmjunkee Well this is interesting. We still haven’t had any confirmation from Warner Bros., Ben Affleck, or Matt Reeves, about Reeves taking the director’s chair for The Batman. We’re just going by what Deadline and Variety said. According the The Hollywood Reporter, Ridley Scott is …

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Jan 30

Ben Affleck Not Directing The Batman Anymore but Still Committed

Ben Affleck Not Directing The Batman Anymore… by filmjunkee I knew something was going to happen. Honestly, I feared the worst when Live By Night flopped at the box office. Ben Affleck will not direct the solo Batman movie. Nothing to freak out about. He is finding a director to collaborate with so the pressure …

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Jan 16

It’s Time to Stop Asking Ben Affleck About Batman and Justice League (For Now)

It's Time to Stop Asking Ben Affleck About… by filmjunkee I got to feel bad for Ben Affleck. He’s busy trying to promote a movie he’s worked on for the passed year and a half that is getting panned by critics and everyone wants to know about Batman and Justice League. To add to all …

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Jan 02

Ben Affleck Says There is No Batman Script and Panic Ensues

Here we go again. Ben Affleck must be getting really tired of being asked about the status of his Batman movie. And depending on what kind of mood he is in, we get one of two answers.  Yesterday, we got an answer we didn’t want to hear and of course the internet flipped its lid. …

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Dec 14

Ben Affleck Says the Batman Movie is on Track and INDICATES Production Starting in Spring

Ben Affleck Says the Batman Movie is on Track… by filmjunkee Variety has started a massive wave using the word “indicate” when talking to Ben Affleck at an event where he mainly talked about his new movie, Live By Night. The Batman movie of course got brought up, and according to Variety, Affleck indicated that …

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Dec 12

Ben Affleck Updates Batman Movie Status

Ben Affleck Updates Batman Movie Status by filmjunkee Ben Affleck spoke to the NY Times and of course the status of his Batman movie became a topic of conversation. As much as we would love to hear that the script is ready and they will being filming soon…it’s pretty much what we already have heard …

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Dec 09

Zack Snyder Will Direct Justice League 2 that is Pushed Back for Ben Affleck’s Batman

Zack Snyder will Direct Justice League 2 that… by filmjunkee It has been reported that Justice League 2 will be pushed back to make room for Ben Affleck’ Batman movie, and Zack Snyder will indeed direct it. Now since Justice League 2 is pushed back, Snyder will direct a passion project that doesn’t take place …

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