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Mar 10

Ben Affleck Batsuit Leaked Out?!


We are getting close my friends. Well at least we are hopefully getting close. There has been rumors that Warner Bros. is going to unveil the costumes from Batman Vs. Superman at the end of this month, but who knows how legit that information is. Today, there have been a couple images floating around that …

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Mar 05

Zack Snyder Claims the Batsuit Unveiling this Month is News to Him [Video]

Damn you Zack Snyder. You need to share this fantasy you are living at this moment. You have two HUGE superhero characters gracing the big-screen together for the first time, and you keep teasing us by how great it is. Apparently according to Mr. Snyder, the whole unveiling of the batsuit this month is news …

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Feb 11

Ben Affleck Batsuit to be Revealed Next Week?


The Ben Affleck Batsuit…it is definitely something us Batman nerds are so looking forward into seeing, and we will stare at it until Batman Vs. Superman is released. There is a rumor that we will see the coveted batsuit at the end of this month, and Forbes blogger and Batman on Film BFFL Mark Hughes, has …

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Feb 10

Zack Snyder Talks Dark Knight Returns Influence and Ben Affleck Casting for Batman Vs. Superman


If you guys didn’t see it; when Zack Snyder announced the Man of Steel sequel at Comic Con last year, he did so in a Dark Knight Returns manner. A quote was pulled right out of the graphic novel that was said by actor Harry Lennix, then the lights dimmed and the Batman Vs. Superman …

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Feb 07

Batman Vs. Superman Producer Talks About Ben Affleck Casting


Backlash. Something that plagues the internet movie world when our childhood heroes get skin and bones on the big screen. But backlash has been around long before information could be received instantly, and I would say the first little backlash of a superhero cast was Michael Keaton in the original 1989 Tim Burton Batman. I …

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Jan 23

Listen to Kevin Smith Talk More About the Batsuit from Batman Vs. Superman


With all the rumors and news from Batman Vs. Superman, I think the info we are craving the most from the superhero party, is the flippin’ batsuit. We are desperately wanting to know what Zack Snyder and his crew did with the design of the batsuit, and early reports have said that it is mesmerizing. …

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Jan 22

Batman Vs. Superman Plot and Spoilers Leaked Out by Disgruntled Crew Member?


The drama behind Batman Vs. Superman keeps growing, that I kind of hope there are behind the scenes cameras to capture it all. With the delay, and all the casting rumors, Joss Whedon and Marvel are probably laughing their asses off. Now we have possible plot and spoilers that are apparently leaked out by a …

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Jan 21

Batsuit Seen by Mrs. Affleck! Mark Ruffalo Talks Avengers 2 and Hulk Movie!


Welcome fellow friends. Time for that video portion to the Film Junkee. Still saddened by the Batman Vs. Superman delay, but it instills some hope that with more time will come a better movie. Mark Ruffalo shines some more light on the Avengers 2 script, as well as talks about a Hulk standalone movie. We …

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Jan 20

Jennifer Garner has Seen the Batsuit. Hear What She has to Say About It.


With the saddening news that Batman Vs. Superman has been delayed until 2016, it is evening more saddening on the fact that we will probably not see the batsuit until the beginning of Summer. Production of the superhero romp was suppose to commence next month, but that has been changed to the beginning of second …

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Jan 17

Batman Vs. Superman Delayed Until 2016


Well here is a bit of news I am saddened by. Seems that Warner Bros. has made the difficult decision to delay Batman Vs. Superman until 2016. Are you weeping yet? I’ll give you a moment to scream, and dry those tears. Now that the initial sting of the news has ceased, this is actually …

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