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May 29

Jeremy Irons Somewhat Agrees with Critics About Batman v Superman

Jeremy Irons Somewhat Agrees with Critics About… by filmjunkee Jeremy Irons did a little Q&A this weekend and someone decided to ask him about the critics response to Batman v Superman. Deservedly so. I mean it took £800 million, so the kicking didn’t matter but it was sort of overstuffed. It was very muddled. I think …

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Apr 12

Ben Affleck Confirmed to Direct His Batman Solo Movie!

Ben Affleck Confirmed to Direct His Batman Solo… by filmjunkee CinemaCon is happening, and Warner Bros. was there to give us some good news. CEO of Warner,  Kevin Tsujihara, confirmed during the panel that they are working with Ben Affleck on a solo Batman film. It then came out that yes, he will direct this Batman …

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Mar 30

Ben Affleck Already has a Batman Solo Movie Script Written

Ben Affleck Already has a Batman Solo Movie… by filmjunkee Regardless on what you thought of Batman v Superman, we can all pretty much agree that Ben Affleck’s Batman shined in the movie. So when are we getting a solo Batman movie? According to Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell of William Morris Endeavor, Affleck’s talent agency, a scrip …

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Dec 09

Deadshot Rumored to be in Solo Batman Films

Tasty little rumored has just recently surfaced and it has to do with Will Smith’s Deadshot. According to this new rumor, Deadshot will show up again in the new solo Batman film starring (and possibly directing) Ben Affleck. It won’t be a little cameo neither. Apparently Batman and Deashot will be joining together instead of …

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Jul 09

Ben Affleck CONFIRMED to Direct Solo Batman Movie and Co-Write with Geoff Johns!

Jun 24

Ben Affleck Directing Solo Batman Movie?!

Jun 22

First Batman v. Superman Clip to Show at Comic Con?! LexCorp Helicopter Spotted!


Okay. Had a little complication with the original Film Junkee episode I uploaded today, so it has been re-recorded and it is here for your enjoyment. A pretty tasty Batman v. Superman rumor came around today that I hope is true.  Another set photo has surfaced showing us the LexCorp helicopter. Can’t get enough news …

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Jun 19

New Batman Solo Film Rumored Date and Title Comes Out

ben affleck batsuit-batmobile-batman costume

Batman. My favorite superhero of them all. When the supposed leaked roadmap of DC Hero’s movies hit the web, a Batman solo film was nowhere to be found. It broke my heart a little bit, but we still will see the Ben Affleck Batman in two upcoming movies. Not to mention the list was only …

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