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Jul 30

More Early Batman v Superman Concept Art Surfaces Showing High-Tech Batsuit

More early concept art from Batman v Superman has surfaced, showing us an concept for the batsuit. High-tech is what is going on here, and I think we can all agree that what we ended up with was so much better. The art comes from artist, Jerad S.Marantz, as he shared his drawings on his Instagram. …

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Feb 16

Batman v Superman Alternate Batsuit Designs Surface

Batman v Superman Alternate Batsuit Designs… by filmjunkee Michael Wilkinson and Zack Snyder wanted to give us something special when it came to the new batsuit, and they nailed it by referencing the Dark Knight Returns batsuit. It was almost not like that though, as Wilkinson hired on Constantine Seekers to help him out and those batsuit …

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Dec 15

Batman v Superman Collectables Revealed by Hot Toys

I want them all. Hot Toys reveals their Batman v Superman collectable statues and they beautiful, and would look good on a shelf somewhere in my house. Of course I don’t have a shelf, but I’d gladly put one in if it meant having these statues.

Nov 05

Ben Affleck Batsuit Concept Art Gets Hi-Res

Ben Affleck Batsuit Concept Art Gets Hi-Res by filmjunkee Oh that’s good. Those eyes. Why can’t they have Batman have contacts that white out his eyes but also act as computer screens for detective work and seeing in the dark. Google is currently trying to bring their Google Glass concept to that. Michael Wilkinson did …

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Oct 22

More Batman v Superman Set Photos and Zack Snyder Talks Batsuit and Batmobile

More Batman v Superman Set Photos and Zack… by filmjunkeeSo much delicious Batman v Superman stuff has come out this week. I can hardly hold back the tears of the fact that the movie is still five months away. Someone took some images from the Total Film magazine that will probably be released in hi-res …

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Oct 21

Amy Adams Teases Funny Batsuit Moment in Batman v Superman

Amy Adams Teases Funny Batsuit Moment in Batman… by filmjunkee “WB/DC are going to have no humor in their movies.” Shut the hell up with all that nonsense. When that rumor came out, I literally laughed out loud. I rumor started by Marvel fanboys I’m certain. Amy Adams sat down with Hollywood Masters and talked …

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Oct 21

Zack Snyder Talks Ben Affleck Putting on the Batsuit while Honoring Bob Kane

Zack Snyder Talks Ben Affleck Putting on the… by filmjunkee Zack Snyder took the time today to honor one of Batman’s creators, bob Kane. Kane received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, and Snyder talked a little about Batman. If you fast-forward to the 20:40 mark, you will hear Snyder talk about …

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Oct 17

Batman v Superman Batsuit and Batmobile Coming to Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman v Superman Batsuit and Batmobile Coming… by filmjunkee Look at that. Ben Affleck’s batsuit is coming to Batman: Arkham Knight, which I have still not played. I played the first two games and got addicted, but the last two games I haven’t played yet. The Batmobile from Batman v Superman is also coming to …

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Oct 08

New Image of Ben Affleck as Batman Finally Released!

New Image of Ben Affleck as Batman Finally… by filmjunkee FINALLY! This image of Ben Affleck as Batman was shown off at 2014’s Comic Con and we all wondered why WB wasn’t releasing it. Today Clay Enos who has been shooting pics from the movie, released it and it’ absolutely beautiful. Batman v Superman is …

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Jul 13

New Ben Affleck Batman Image Released Shows Desert Suit!

A new image of the Ben Affleck Batman has been released, and it’s glorious. This time we see Bats wearing what everyone is calling the “Desert Suit”, which is straight of the the new trailer where we see Batman taking on the Superman soldiers in a desert area. Not much was explained about the suit …

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