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Feb 14

Jared Leto Joker and Lex Luthor Toys Reveal Minor Spoilers for Batman v Superman

Jared Leto Joker and Lex Luthor Toys Reveal… by filmjunkee The Toy Fair 2016 happened and many companies brought their new toylines, including Mattel with their DC Comics line. Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were present and certain figures revealed some details about Batman and Superman’s main villains. First we have a close up …

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Jan 08

Batman v Superman Cosbaby Figures Revealed by Hot Toys

Batman v Superman Cosbaby Figures Revealed by… by filmjunkee Goodbye money. More Batman v Superman toys to add to the already extensive collection some of us might start. Batman v Superman Cosbaby action figures have been revealed by┬áHot Toys, and I think they look better than Funk Pops.

Jan 03

Closer Look at Batman v Superman Toys that Reveal Possible Spoiler

Closer Look at Batman v Superman Toys that… by filmjunkee Idle Hands has released more images of new Batman v Superman action figures, and yes, there is a possible spoiler with this toyline. Lex Luthor in his armor is shown off, so it begs the question on is we’re getting that in the film after …

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Jan 02

Batman v Superman Funko Pop Toys Show Us More Aquaman

Batman v Superman Funko Pop Toys Show Us More… by filmjunkee The Batman v Superman merch continues on in the New Year, and Funko Pop is showing us their Batman v Superman line. Aquaman gets his own Funk Pop, which just shows you that he has a bigger role in the movie. Order Funko Pops …

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Dec 15

Batman v Superman Collectables Revealed by Hot Toys

I want them all. Hot Toys reveals their Batman v Superman collectable statues and they beautiful, and would look good on a shelf somewhere in my house. Of course I don’t have a shelf, but I’d gladly put one in if it meant having these statues.

Dec 12

Batman v Superman Batmobile Toy Revealed by Hot Toys. Tech Manual Coming in March.

Hot Toys gives us a great look at the Batmobile in Batman v Superman, as they will be displaying their new Batman v Superman toy line at this year’s Toy Soul 2015 Convention on December 18th. Other not so pretty toys were also released online that shows Superman with a shield. Yes. A shield. Cereal …

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Nov 28

Story Details for Batman v Superman Companion Novel and More Toys!

More toys from Batman v Superman have been spotted on the interwebs, and they’re adorable. Also, the Batman v Superman companion novel has a synopsis on the Amazon page that dives into the story with a Batman character involved. After saving Metropolis from an alien invasion, Superman is now famous around the world. Meanwhile Gotham …

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Nov 27

Batman v Superman Companion Novel Cover and Jared Leto Joker Statues

The cover for the Batman v Superman companion novel has been released, and it gives us another look at our heroes in costume. This novel will tell an original story about our heroes and will have pages with shots from the movie in it. You can pre-order your copy here, but what sucks is that …

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Nov 24

More Batman v Superman Toys Spoil Rumored Villain Battle and Ben Affleck Talks Massive

Toys galore coming out of the Batman v Superman world. New image was taken today that shows Batman and Superman in a set with Lex Luthor in his armor. I don’t think Doomsday or a Bizarro like creature is going to be the big baddie in Batman v Superman. This entrepreneur wants to take matters …

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Nov 23

More Batman v Superman Merchandise Revealed

How many kinds of Batman v Superman figurines are we going to get? I guess it’s good marketing. They are going to sell an ass ton of toys, and we keep getting the images of these toys. These images came from DCExtendedUniverse Instagram, and they look similar to the Comic Con figures displayed, but slightly …

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