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Jul 30

More Early Batman v Superman Concept Art Surfaces Showing High-Tech Batsuit

More early concept art from Batman v Superman has surfaced, showing us an concept for the batsuit. High-tech is what is going on here, and I think we can all agree that what we ended up with was so much better. The art comes from artist, Jerad S.Marantz, as he shared his drawings on his Instagram. …

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Jun 20

Geoff Johns and Jon Berg Talk About Wonder Woman 2 and DCEU Mishaps

Geoff Johns and Jon Berg did some talking about the DCEU, and even the new CEO, Toby Emmerich, Talked about how Warner Bros. taking on the competition. The interview you can find over on Variety. They know what they did wrong, and they know what they’ve done right.

Apr 09

Early Doomsday Batman v Superman Concept Art Shows Source-Accurate Look

Early Doomsday Batman v Superman Concept Art… by filmjunkee We have more concept art coming out of Batman v Superman showing what the early stages of Doomsday looked like. Now, he looks very much like he does in the books, and I know we all wanted to see this version in the movie. But we …

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Feb 16

Batman v Superman Alternate Batsuit Designs Surface

Batman v Superman Alternate Batsuit Designs… by filmjunkee Michael Wilkinson and Zack Snyder wanted to give us something special when it came to the new batsuit, and they nailed it by referencing the Dark Knight Returns batsuit. It was almost not like that though, as Wilkinson hired on Constantine Seekers to help him out and those batsuit …

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Feb 08

Zack Snyder Releases 12-Minute Batman v Superman VFX Reel that is Beautiful

Zack Snyder Releases 12 Minute Batman v… by filmjunkee Zack Snyder hasn’t been too vocal on Twitter, but today, he gives us the full-length video of Batman v Superman Before and After VFX. We got a taste of this video not too long ago, but leave it to the captain to release the beauty that …

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Feb 07

Cyborg is the Third Mother Box in Justice League…of Course

Cyborg is the Third Mother Box in Justice… by filmjunkee It’s confirmed! Even though we figured it out on our own. Cyborg’s body is in fact, the third Mother Box in Justice League. We figured it out in Batman v Superman when we saw Victor’s father trying to save him, then the Mother Box turing …

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Feb 06

New Batman v Superman Behind the Scenes Images of that Awesome Batman Scene

New Batman v Superman Behind the Scenes Images… by filmjunkee Heroic Hollywood got an exclusive “Batman Warehouse Scene” breakdown from Batman v Superman today, and it came equipped with new behind the scene images. It’s awesome to get a more in-depth look into this iconic scene, because it is pretty much the best Batman fight …

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Jan 17

Ben Affleck Addresses Sad Affleck Meme and What Batman v Superman Taught Him

Ben Affleck Addresses Sad Affleck Meme and What… by filmjunkee Ben Affleck has wrapped up promoting Live By Night and I was hoping no one else would ask him about Batman or Justice League. BBC Radio snuck in a couple questions, but is more about Batman v Superman and fun things like what Affleck got …

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Jan 09

Ben Affleck’s Batman DELAYED?!?! Justice League A MESS?!?!

Here we go again, guys. We knew it was coming though. Following the DCEU standard of a movie being a mess, Justice League is also a mess, according to sources for Batman on Film. I, for one, didn’t think Batman v Superman was a mess, simply because that 3-hour cut was superb and like no …

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Dec 24

Batman v Superman VFX Reel Shows the Beauty the Academy WILL NOT Acknowledge

Batman Superman VFX Reel Shows the Beauty the… by filmjunkee A new VFX reel has been released for Batman v Superman and it’s quite stunning. The way live-action and CGI is seemed together is awesome, but sadly it won’t be acknowledged come award season. I rant about that in the video above. BATMAN V SUPERMAN: …

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