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Jul 30

More Early Batman v Superman Concept Art Surfaces Showing High-Tech Batsuit

More early concept art from Batman v Superman has surfaced, showing us an concept for the batsuit. High-tech is what is going on here, and I think we can all agree that what we ended up with was so much better. The art comes from artist, Jerad S.Marantz, as he shared his drawings on his Instagram. …

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Jul 28

Joe Manganiello Updates Deathstroke Batman Status…but Not Really

Joe Manganiello sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss all kinds of things. Mainly he talked about his obsession with Dungeons and Dragons, but of course they had to ask about his status with Deathstroke in Batman given the changes to the script. I don’t. Well, I do but nothing that I can share. …

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Jul 22

Geoff Johns Discusses Expanding the Batman Universe in the DCEU

Geoff Johns discussed plans to expand Batman’s universe in the DCEU with IGN Live. Here’s what he had to say: We haven’t gone out there and said what our slate is and that’s because we’ll do it when we’re ready and we have the films that we’re excited about. But for Batman, what I will …

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Jul 22

Updated DCEU Slate Shown Off at Comic Con

A sizzle reel was shown to that lucky audience at Hall H at Comic today, realign logos for current DCEU movies in production.No Gotham City Sirens or Man of Steel 2, but get excited. Wonder Woman 2 Shazaam! Suicide Squad 2 The Flash: FlashPoint Green Lantern Corps Justice League Dark The Batman Batgirl

Jul 22

New Justice League Trailer from Comic Con is Here!

Make way for justice. Watch the SDCC Hall H Sneak Peek for #JusticeLeague now. In theaters November 17. #WBSDCC pic.twitter.com/bMPkO4Pw5s — Justice League Movie (@justiceleaguewb) July 22, 2017 The new Justice League trailer has arrived! It doesn’t disappoint. The showed it at Comic Con and then of course uploaded it to the world. Get hyped!

Jul 22

New Justice League Poster is a Thing of Beauty

Happy Comic Con Day everybody. The morning got off to a nice start as a new Justice League poster and banner have been released by the official Twitter. I get an Alex Ross vibe from it for some reason. Bring on more!

Jul 20

Another Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash Justice League Image this Time in S.T.A.R. Labs?

Comic Con brings out the goodies, and this morning we have a new image of Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash from Justice League. Looks like they’re in Star Labs. Excite!

Jul 19

Justice League Costumes, Statues, Motherboxes, and the Batmobile on Display at Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con 2017 has kicked into gear, and Warner Bros./DC have their displays ready to go. The Justice League costumes, statues, toys, Motherboxes, plenty of things to nerd out about.

Jul 17

WB Adds Two More DCEU Movie Dates. Wonder Woman 2 and Shazam Announced at Comic Con?

Early today, it was revealed by the Hollywood Reporter that Wonder Woman 2 will be announced at WB’s panel at Comic Con this year, with hopefully the announcement that Patty Jenkins returns to direct. If that wasn’t enough, Warner Bros. revealed two new release dates for DCEU movies. February 14th, 2020, and June 5th, 2020. …

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Jul 13

New Beautiful Justice League Image Featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash Released

Entertainment Weekly decided they needed to show us some Justice league love by releasing a brand-new image featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash. Looks like a different angle from an image we’ve gotten before. Bat cod piece.