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Mar 25

First OFFICIAL Justice League Trailer is Here!

IT’S HERE! The first OFFICIAL Justice League Trailer has arrived. Yes, OFFICIAL, because that Comic Con trailer was more of a sizzle reel Zack Snyder put together. It’s beautiful and you should not be reading my words right now. Merry Christmas!

Mar 23

Justice League Trailer Coming Saturday!

Justice League Trailer Coming Saturday! by filmjunkeeWell good morning! The Justice League trailer will be here this Saturday as a new promo has slowly started making the rounds. It’s currently in bootleg form which always throws read flags, but the footage is legit. Get excited! UPDATE: IN HD! AND MORE TEASERS!

Feb 05

New Justice League Image Features Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg

New Justice League Image Features Aquaman… by filmjunkee A brand-new Justice League has been released, this time coming from Games Radar who are behind Total Film. The image features Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg, as they prepare for battle in an unknown location. Excite!

Dec 06

Batman v Superman Costume Designer CONFIRMS Flash Cameo and Batman Nightmare Scene

Michael Wilkinson who has designed all the costume for Batman v Superman, did a little chatting with Omelete, and confirmed two things for Batman v Superman. First one is the nightmare scene that Bruce Wayne has that has to do with Desert Batman. The second is that Ezra Miller’s Flash will make a cameo in …

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