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Nov 14

Lex Luthor, Flash, and Wonder Woman Casting and Character Details may have Surfaced from Batman Vs. Superman


With all the Wonder Woman, Nightwing, and batsuit hoopla coming from the Batman Vs. Superman world, we tend to forget that Lex Luthor will be present in the movie. Casting rumors surfaced a couple months ago suggesting that Bryan Cranston or Mark Strong were candidates for the coveted role. Strong was my number one choice …

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Nov 13

Batsuit has been Seen by Kevin Smith!!! Nightwing Casting Rumors for Batman Vs. Superman!


What is up fellow FIlm Junkees! Time for that video portion of the week on FIlm Junkee. So much news to cover that I am seriously considering doing two shows a week. So much Batman Vs. Superman news it is crazy. Kevin Smith saw the batsuit! Someone really needs to hack Zack Snyder’s phone like …

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Nov 12

Batman Arcade Allows You to Drive All the Batmobiles [Video]


We have seen are fair share of Batman video games over the years, and they just keep getting better. With the Batman Arkham series releasing three awesome RPGs, it is now time to bring an arcade style video game for our Dark Knight. Batman Arcade is a new arcade game developed by Specular Interactive┬áthat allows …

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Nov 11

Kevin Smith has Seen the Batsuit from Batman Vs. Superman! Hear What he had to Say About It.


We were all pretty disappointed when Zack Snyder didn’t talk more about Batman Vs. Superman on the live Yahoo event last Saturday. Kevin Smith did his best to try to get the director to talk about the flick, or even give us a clue on what the batsuit will look like. Well it turns out …

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