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Oct 21

The Batman v Superman Trinity Lands on th Cover of Total Film

Look at those beauties. Still can’t believe it’s actually happening. Henry Cavill is now part of the social media world, and he decided to show up with a bang by giving us some Batman v Superman goodness. He posted this image right here, and there is plenty inside for us to get nerd boners about. …

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Oct 17

Batman v Superman Batsuit and Batmobile Coming to Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman v Superman Batsuit and Batmobile Coming… by filmjunkee Look at that. Ben Affleck’s batsuit is coming to Batman: Arkham Knight, which I have still not played. I played the first two games and got addicted, but the last two games I haven’t played yet. The Batmobile from Batman v Superman is also coming to …

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Oct 08

Batman v Superman Costume Concept Art Released!

Batman v Superman Costume Concept Art Released! by filmjunkee More tasty goodness coming out of New York Comic Con and from Batman v Superman. Costume concept art for Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have been released, and they look gorgeous. These costumes are beautifully designed.

Oct 08

New Image of Ben Affleck as Batman Finally Released!

New Image of Ben Affleck as Batman Finally… by filmjunkee FINALLY! This image of Ben Affleck as Batman was shown off at 2014’s Comic Con and we all wondered why WB wasn’t releasing it. Today Clay Enos who has been shooting pics from the movie, released it and it’ absolutely beautiful. Batman v Superman is …

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Aug 18

Lex Luthor Pisses Superman Off Spoiler and Gal Gadot Talks Batman v Superman!

To get ready to design the costumes for Batman v Superman, I really did my homework. I immersed myself in the long histories of these iconic characters. I studied how they have been portrayed over the last 75 years on film, on TV, in comic books, graphic novels and video games. I studied what they …

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Aug 07

Batman v Superman Gets Standing Ovation! Three Solo Batman Movies Coming?!


Batman v Superman Gets Standing Ovation! Three… by filmjunkee

Jul 08

Closer Look at the Armored Batsuit and Gadgets from Batman v Superman at Comic Con!

Jul 08

New Batman v Superman Statues from Displayed at Comic Con!

Jun 01

Batman’s Role in Suicide Squad Revealed?!

Apr 15

20 Seconds of the Batman v Superman Teaser Trailer Released by Zack Snyder!