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Feb 10

Matt Reeves Looking to Direct Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie

Matt Reeves Looking to Direct Ben Affleck's… by filmjunkee It looks like Matt Reeves, of the Planet of the Apes franchise, will be directing Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. It has not been confirmed by anyone working on the movie of course. We are going be Deadline’s “I’ve heard…” post. Other sites have labeled this news …

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Jan 16

It’s Time to Stop Asking Ben Affleck About Batman and Justice League (For Now)

It's Time to Stop Asking Ben Affleck About… by filmjunkee I got to feel bad for Ben Affleck. He’s busy trying to promote a movie he’s worked on for the passed year and a half that is getting panned by critics and everyone wants to know about Batman and Justice League. To add to all …

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Jan 09

Ben Affleck’s Batman DELAYED?!?! Justice League A MESS?!?!

Here we go again, guys. We knew it was coming though. Following the DCEU standard of a movie being a mess, Justice League is also a mess, according to sources for Batman on Film. I, for one, didn’t think Batman v Superman was a mess, simply because that 3-hour cut was superb and like no …

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Jan 02

Ben Affleck Says There is No Batman Script and Panic Ensues

Here we go again. Ben Affleck must be getting really tired of being asked about the status of his Batman movie. And depending on what kind of mood he is in, we get one of two answers.  Yesterday, we got an answer we didn’t want to hear and of course the internet flipped its lid. …

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