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May 07

Ben Affleck ‘Unhappy’ with Batman v Superman Reception as if That Wasn’t Obvious

Ben Affleck 'Unhappy' with Batman v Superman… by filmjunkee BREAKING NEWS: AN ACTOR WHO WORKED VERY HARD ON A BIG PROJECT NOT HAPPY ABOUT THE BAD RECEPTION! Come on. Any actor would be unhappy with a bad reception. No actor wants to make bad movies, especially a movie like Batman v Superman. The reception was …

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Sep 16

Josh Brolin Talks About Not Taking Batman Role and Batfleck

If you guys were unaware, Josh Brolin was actually offered the role for Batman in Batman v Superman before Ben Affleck, but he decided to turn it done. I guess Thanos sounded much better. Motion and voice capture against wearing a heavy batsuit? Makes sense even though I would gladly wear that suit. Brolin currently …

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Aug 07

Batman v Superman Gets Standing Ovation! Three Solo Batman Movies Coming?!


Batman v Superman Gets Standing Ovation! Three… by filmjunkee

Jul 29

Zack Snyder Talks Justice League Concepts and Ben Affleck as Batman!

Zack Snyder Talks Justice League Concepts and… by filmjunkee What we are doing is ground up all the way. It is one giant story. The first thing we had was the Justice League concept. The other movies, in a way, have to support that. That is our Wonder Woman, our Aquaman. They have their own creative …

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Jul 03

Ben Affleck Talks Landing Batman Role and Wanting to Direct a Blockbuster! (Batman Solo Movie)

Ben Affleck on landing the role: My first reaction was, ‘Are you sure?’ At the time I was 40, 41, and had just finished Argo, and I felt like ‘This seems like a strange way to get to Batman.’ But Zack convinced me. On Bruce Wayne: He really keeps up the image of the playboy, actively. …

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Mar 26

Ben Affleck Drops Batman Reference to Senate! Amanda Waller Gets a Trophy!

Ben Affleck References .S. Senator Patrick Leahy as his “Batman co-star.” Leahy will make a cameo appearance in Dawn of Justice next year. • •• •• #batmanvsuperman #suicidesquad #arrow #theflash #gotham #dc #benaffleck #bvs #justiceleague #batman #superman #joker A video posted by Batman v Superman™ (@batmanvsuperman2016) on Mar 26, 2015 at 4:11pm PDT

Mar 08

The Ben Affleck Batsuit from Batman v Superman…LET’S SEE IT IN FULL!! (Fan-Made)

Nov 10

Ben Affleck FAIL Caught on Batman v Superman Set!


Bruce Wayne just ruined his $30 mani! Man up brucie! #batman #benaffleck #batmanversussuperman #batmanvssuperman #brucewayne #Chicago #mychicagopix A video posted by Kaitlin Michelle (@katieknipp) on Nov 11, 2014 at 1:40pm PST

Nov 03

Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne Spotted at Smallville Cemetery Set?!


Sep 28

Cops Visit Supposed Wayne Manor in New Batman v Superman Video!


It’s still questionable whether or not that the house in the video below is Wayne Manor in Batman v Superman, but whether it is or not; some action was filmed there last night. Seems that the Gotham PD paid a visit to this location, which makes me question that it’s Wayne’s place. It’s a brief …

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