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Jan 16

Warner Bros. is Sour on Ben Affleck’s Batman According to New Rumor

Warner Bros. sour on Ben Affleck? Something tells me it’s more of the other way around. New rumor suggests WB is ready for Affleck to depart as Batman and Jake Gyllenhaal will be our new Batman.

Sep 04

New Justice League Image of Ben Affleck’s Beautiful Bat Cowl Head

Is it beautiful? Of course it is. I don’t know how they make the mask for to his head like that but it;s straight out of the books. The Justice League update is a thing of beauty.

Aug 11

Ben Affleck Talks About the Two Directors of Justice League

Ben Affleck talked to Entertainment Weekly about having two directors for Justice League. It’s a little bit unorthodox. Zack had a family tragedy, and stepped off, which was horrible. For the movie, the best person we could’ve possibly found was Joss. We got really lucky that he stepped in.” Affleck went on to say that Justice League is “an interesting …

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Aug 02

New Image of Ben Affleck Batman in Justice League that’s Fantastic

Look at this beautiful image of Ben Affleck Batman. I believe this image came from all the promo Justice League images that have been floating around. Make your phone background.

Jun 04

Justice League Statues Appear Showing Us Costume Details

Justice League Statues Appear Showing Us… by filmjunkee Some Justice League statues have appeared online and I have no idea what is the source. All I can say is that the statues look awesome and I want a pair of Flash kicks.

Mar 18

Joe Manganiello Responds to Deathstroke Batman Question that will be Taken Negatively

Joe Manganiello Responds to Deathstroke Batman… by filmjunkee Well here’s a response from Joe Manganiello about his Deathstroke in the upcoming Batman movie that won’t be taken positively. While promoting the new Surfs movie on Pittsburgh Today Live, the lady at the end asks him about him playing Deathstroke in Batman. Joe kind of pauses and …

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Mar 14

The Batman Likely Going into Production 2018. Ben Affleck Reveals Brief Stint in Rehab.

The Batman Likely Going into Production 2018… by filmjunkee According to Justin Kroll of Variety, The Batman movie will most likely not go into production until 2018. Yes, that breaks our hearts, but this is really only a rumor. Matt Reeves has to work on the new Apes movie until the end of June, but …

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Mar 07

Joe Manganiello Clarifies Batman Production Start and Takes Jab at Media

Joe Manganiello Clarifies Batman Production… by filmjunkee Joe Manganiello was interviewed by Robert Irvine Magazine recently and he did a little chatting about his Deathstroke role in The Batman movie. He also clarified his words on that Spring production start for the anticipated movie. I love it. Last year, I said May and that was my understanding. …

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Mar 05

Zack Snyder Posts Upgraded Batmobile Image for Justice League

Zack Snyder Posts Upgraded Batmobile Image for… by filmjunkee Zack Snyder can’t help but drop some awesome on his VERO account. Today, he showed us what the Batmobile will be packing in Justice League. He captioned the image, “Upgrades…what are you worried about Wayne.” Obviously Wayne is worried about Parademons, and is preparing himself. Log …

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Feb 28

Oscar Winner Recap, the DCEU, and Bill Paxton – Film Junket Podcast Ep. 3

In this episode I go over the Oscar winners. Talk a little about Bill Paxton. Then dive into DCEU talk.