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Jul 30

More Early Batman v Superman Concept Art Surfaces Showing High-Tech Batsuit

More early concept art from Batman v Superman has surfaced, showing us an concept for the batsuit. High-tech is what is going on here, and I think we can all agree that what we ended up with was so much better. The art comes from artist, Jerad S.Marantz, as he shared his drawings on his Instagram. …

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Feb 16

Batman v Superman Alternate Batsuit Designs Surface

Batman v Superman Alternate Batsuit Designs… by filmjunkee Michael Wilkinson and Zack Snyder wanted to give us something special when it came to the new batsuit, and they nailed it by referencing the Dark Knight Returns batsuit. It was almost not like that though, as Wilkinson hired on Constantine Seekers to help him out and those batsuit …

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Jun 28

Details On Upgraded Batsuits for Justice League

Details On Upgraded Batsuits for Justice League by filmjunkee New details on Batman’s upgraded costumes in Justice League have been revealed from costume designer, Michael Wilkinson. The classic Batsuit we saw in Batman v Superman will have some extra armor for Bats to help him out as he’s kicking ass. The suit will be more pronounced …

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Feb 15

Beautiful New Shots of Batman and His Tech from Batman v Superman

Beautiful New Shots of Batman and His Tech from… by filmjunkee Well these shots are quite beautiful. That shot of Batman standing in front of the Batmobile, I want on my wall. New Batman v Superman shots of Batman and his toys. I believe they are from the tech manual they are releasing, and I …

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Jan 18

Ben Affleck Talks Directing Solo Batman Movies

Ben Affleck Talks Directing Solo Batman Movies by filmjunkee Ben Affleck did a little talking about Batman, but not necessarily about Batman v Superman. This time he talks about the solo Batman movies, and the possibility of directing them. Yes, it seemed like it was confirmed that he was going to direct and co-write the …

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Dec 19

New Batman v Superman Cover Revealed and Affleck and Cavill Talk Characters

The Trinity grace the cover of Studio Cine Live’s issue for Batman v Superman, and it looks pretty similar to other covers we have seen. Wonder Woman seems to be in a slightly different pose, while the other two stand there and flex. Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill talked about playing their iconic characters and …

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Dec 15

Batman v Superman Collectables Revealed by Hot Toys

I want them all. Hot Toys reveals their Batman v Superman collectable statues and they beautiful, and would look good on a shelf somewhere in my house. Of course I don’t have a shelf, but I’d gladly put one in if it meant having these statues.

Dec 06

Batman v Superman Costume Designer CONFIRMS Flash Cameo and Batman Nightmare Scene

Michael Wilkinson who has designed all the costume for Batman v Superman, did a little chatting with Omelete, and confirmed two things for Batman v Superman. First one is the nightmare scene that Bruce Wayne has that has to do with Desert Batman. The second is that Ezra Miller’s Flash will make a cameo in …

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Nov 21

Batman v Superman Batsuit and Batmobile in Action in Batman Arkham Knight Footage

It’s not quite footage from Batman v Superman, but it’s something. New gameplay footage from Batman: Arkham Knight has been posted, showing off that Batman v Superman Ben Affleck batsuit and Batmobile. Looks fun, and I wish I could play it.