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Feb 20

Zack Snyder, Justice League Trailer & The Batman Director Search – Film Junket Podcast Ep. 2

Second episode of the Film Junket Podcast is ready. Two in a row. How about that? I also opened a Soundcloud account so the episodes can be streamed wherever. Added both episodes to this post so listen to the first episode where I talk about Ben Affleck, Zack Snyder, and the DCEU, then listen to …

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Feb 17

Matt Reeves Exits The Batman Movie Negotiations

Matt Reeves Exits The Batman Movie Negotiations by filmjunkee To all the bloggers out there that wrote: “Matt Reeves to Direct The Batman!” You’re stupid. Stop and think before you post shit like that. Matt reeves was in negotiations, or “in talks”. Now, those headlines mean nothing, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, Reeves has …

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Feb 16

Batman v Superman Alternate Batsuit Designs Surface

Batman v Superman Alternate Batsuit Designs… by filmjunkee Michael Wilkinson and Zack Snyder wanted to give us something special when it came to the new batsuit, and they nailed it by referencing the Dark Knight Returns batsuit. It was almost not like that though, as Wilkinson hired on┬áConstantine Seekers┬áto help him out and those batsuit …

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Feb 13

Ridley Scott in Line to Direct The Batman Movie if Matt Reeves Doesn’t?

Ridley Scott In Line to Direct The Batman Movie… by filmjunkee Well this is interesting. We still haven’t had any confirmation from Warner Bros., Ben Affleck, or Matt Reeves, about Reeves taking the director’s chair for The Batman. We’re just going by what Deadline and Variety said. According the The Hollywood Reporter, Ridley Scott is …

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Feb 10

Matt Reeves Looking to Direct Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie

Matt Reeves Looking to Direct Ben Affleck's… by filmjunkee It looks like Matt Reeves, of the Planet of the Apes franchise, will be directing Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. It has not been confirmed by anyone working on the movie of course. We are going be Deadline’s “I’ve heard…” post. Other sites have labeled this news …

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Feb 06

New Batman v Superman Behind the Scenes Images of that Awesome Batman Scene

New Batman v Superman Behind the Scenes Images… by filmjunkee Heroic Hollywood got an exclusive “Batman Warehouse Scene” breakdown from Batman v Superman today, and it came equipped with new behind the scene images. It’s awesome to get a more in-depth look into this iconic scene, because it is pretty much the best Batman fight …

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Jan 30

Ben Affleck Not Directing The Batman Anymore but Still Committed

Ben Affleck Not Directing The Batman Anymore… by filmjunkee I knew something was going to happen. Honestly, I feared the worst when Live By Night flopped at the box office. Ben Affleck will not direct the solo Batman movie. Nothing to freak out about. He is finding a director to collaborate with so the pressure …

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Jan 17

Ben Affleck Addresses Sad Affleck Meme and What Batman v Superman Taught Him

Ben Affleck Addresses Sad Affleck Meme and What… by filmjunkee Ben Affleck has wrapped up promoting Live By Night and I was hoping no one else would ask him about Batman or Justice League. BBC Radio snuck in a couple questions, but is more about Batman v Superman and fun things like what Affleck got …

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Jan 16

It’s Time to Stop Asking Ben Affleck About Batman and Justice League (For Now)

It's Time to Stop Asking Ben Affleck About… by filmjunkee I got to feel bad for Ben Affleck. He’s busy trying to promote a movie he’s worked on for the passed year and a half that is getting panned by critics and everyone wants to know about Batman and Justice League. To add to all …

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Jan 15

Live By Night – Film Review

Live By Night is the movie Ben Affleck is trying to promote while everyone keeps asking him about Batman. It’s a movie about an up and coming gangster during the alcohol prohibition era. Everything is beautiful about this film, but sadly, there is a bit of a let down. Check out the review above.