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Feb 17

Black Panther – Film Review

Black Panther is finally upon us and the last month or so of hype-building reached beyond retarded levels. Woke Twitter basically trying to ruin the experience for movie goers to the point where some checked out on this flick. It won’t hurt the box office but it doesn’t help anyone or anything to act like …

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Jan 03

Black Panther Runtime Revealed and Final Trailer Next Week

Looks like Black Panther will be one of the longest solo Marvel movies as the runtime is looking to be 2 hours and 15 minutes. The Final trailer for Black Panther will premiere on January 8th during the NCAA Football game on ESPN.

Mar 21

Black Panther Does a Good Batman Impression in New Set Videos and Photos

Black Panther Does a Good Batman Impression in… by filmjunkee We’re getting our first bit of Black Panther set photos and videos surfacing out of South Korea. T’Challa takes a ride on top of a car which draws parallels to what we saw when they were shooting Suicide Squad and Batman was on top of the …

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Feb 15

Thor Ragnarok, GOTG Vol. 2, and Black Panther Get New Concept Art and BTS Images

Thor Ragnarok, GOTG Vol. 2, and Black Panther… by filmjunkee Yesterday, we got a slew of images from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that includes Thor Ragnarok concept art and BTS images, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 BTS images, and Black Panther concept art. Have fun .

May 13

Black Panther Adds Michael B. Jordan to Cast and Marvel Feels the Guilt

Black Panther Adds Michael B. Jordan to Cast… by filmjunkee Michael B. Jordan has been added to the cast of Black Panther but his role has not been verified. Speculation suggests a villain role which I think would be great to see. I guess after Simon Kinberg mentioned that he thinks a Fantastic Four sequel …

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Apr 17

Black Panther Concept Art Gives Closer Look at the Suit

Black Panther Concept Art Gives Closer Look at… by filmjunkee Black Panther will be introduced in our lives once Captain America Civil War and for what we have heard, he makes his introduction unforgettable.  Now we can take a closer look at that costume and hear from the designer, Ryan Meinerding. The overall concept is that …

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Jan 11

Ryan Coogler OFFICIALLY Set to Direct Black Panther!

It’s finally official. Ryan Coogler is set to direct the Black Panther movie. After nailing Creed, Marvel would be stupid not to go with this guy. Here is what Kevin Feige had to say about Coogler: We are fortunate to have such an esteemed filmmaker join the Marvel family, The talents Ryan showcased in his …

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Oct 06

New Ant-Man Costume, Black Panther, and War Machine in LEAKED Civil War Promo Art!

New Ant-Man Costume, Black Panther, and War… by filmjunkee Check it out gang. Some new leaked promo art for Captain America Civil War that shows us Ant-Man’s new costume, which still looks like the original just more modernized. Then we also get a look at Black Panther and War Machine. Awesome stuff and then the …

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Feb 09

Spider-Man Movie Pushes Other Marvel Movies to New Dates!

Spider-Man: 7/28/17 Thor 3: 11/3/17 Black Panther: 7/6/18 Captain Marvel: 11/2/18 Inhumans: 7/12/19

Oct 28

Captain America: Civil War and Other Marvel Phase 3 Movie Titles Announced!

The Marvel Event has come to a close, and they certainly came guns blazing. All those untitled dates they announced not too long ago, have been filled, and you can check it all out, as well as all the logos below. They also officially announced Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, and brought him out on …

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