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Oct 04

New Deadpool 2 Cable Images Show Us Future Suit and Shopping Cart Full of Guns

New images from the set of Deadpool 2 have surfaced showing us Josh Brolin as Cable wearing some sort of futuristic suit. Many are thinking this is when he travels back through time and he is loading up on guns. Click tweet to get all the images. They copyright… Josh Brolin was seen in character …

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Aug 08

New Deadpool 2 Set Images Feature Josh Brolin’s Cable and Mini Deadpool?

I said it. I said that once they reveal Josh Brolin as Cable, he will show up in Deadpool 2 set images. He indeed has, but what’s really interesting is the image Ryan Reynolds posted with a young kid dressed up as Deadpool. Are we getting a mini Deadpool? Or is it just a fan? …

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Aug 07

Josh Brolin’s CABLE Revealed for Deadpool 2

There he is. Josh Broling as Cable has been officially revealed. Ryan Reynolds tweeted out the image not too long ago. I think we can all agree he looks fantastic.

Jan 17

Pierce Brosnan to Play Cable in Deadpool 2? Maybe…

Pierce Brosnan to Play Cable in Deadpool 2… by filmjunkee You know how it goes. These actors start posting pictures with each other and if they’re involved in a superhero foci, we start getting nerd boners about the possibilities. In comes Pierce Brosnan. Apparently he was hanging out with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman today, …

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