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Sep 16

Gambit Movie Loses Director Rupert Wyatt

More trouble for the Gambit movie. Director Rupert Wyatt has exited the X-Men spin-off flick, but supposedly not for too bad of reasons. Unfortunately according to Wyatt, the new release date conflicts with other projects for the director, and now he must walk off this big project. I’m sure Fox will find another director soon …

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Aug 01

Channing Tatum Officially Signed on for Gambit

Channing Tatum Officially Signed on for Gambit by filmjunkee

Jul 28

Channing Tatum Exits Gambit Movie?!

Channing Tatum Exits Gambit Movie?! by filmjunkee

Jul 14

Bryan Singer Teases Gambit Cameo In X-Men Apocalypse with Channing Tatum and Colorful Suits!

We’ve gone back and forth with the rumors that Channing Tatum’s Gambit will be making a cameo in X-Men Apocalypse, and last we heard was that Gambit would not be in the sequel. That was according to Tatum himself, but he was most likely throwing us off the scent. Seems that director Bryan Singer has …

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Jun 18

Channing Tatum Answers whether Gambit will Appear in X-Men Apocalypse!

Jun 15

Gambit Movie Lands Rise of the Planet of the Apes Director Rupert Wyatt

20th Century Fox has finally landed its director for the Gambit movie, and that man is Rise of the Planet of the Apes director, Rupert Wyatt. This news come exclusively from Entertainment Weekly, and my thoughts are this man can make a movie, because he had me angry, sad, and awe-inspired by The Rise of …

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Jan 05

Gambit Spin-Off, Assassin’s Creed, FF2, and Apes 3 Get Release Dates!