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Sep 27

Chris Evans Explains the Conflict Between Iron Man and Captain America in Civil War

Chris Evans attended the Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend, and he explained the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man in Civil War. We generally know why there is conflict given the story in the books, but we know that the story will be tweaked for the big screen. Tony actually thinks we should …

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Sep 08

Chris Evans Talks Superhero Fatigue and His Contract Playing Captain America

Chris Evans Talks Superhero Fatigue and His… by filmjunkee Chris Evans jump from The Human Torch to Captain America was probably one of the best decisions he ever made. It’s hard to imagine someone else holding wielding that shield, but it was looking like Evans was going to end is reign as the American superhero. …

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Mar 08

Chris Evans Dresses as Captain America for Seattle Children’s Hospital

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Feb 07

The Vision Shows Up in a Ton of New Avengers 2 Promo Art!