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Jun 02

Wonder Woman – Film Review

Wonder Woman is finally here! We get to see her in her very own movie brought to us by Patty Jenkins. Check out my review above. SPOILER ALERT: Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman.

Jul 06

New Wonder Woman Footage Description for Comic Con

New Wonder Woman Footage Description for Comic… by filmjunkee This year’s Comic Con should be pleasing for us nerd boys and girls out there, especially for the DCEU. One particular aspect we are looking forward to is more Wonder Woman footage. The website badtaste.it has apparently seen the footage already and I had Google do …

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Apr 01

New Wonder Woman Set Photos Take it to The Amazons

New Wonder Woman Set Photos Take it to The Amazons by filmjunkee New Wonder Woman movie set photos have surface bringing the movie to The Amazons. Looks like a pretty intense battle sequence is being filmed here and I cannot wait for it to be seen on the big screen.

Jan 19

Check Out the Wonder Woman Movie Footage!

Check Out the Wonder Woman Footage! by filmjunkee Let’s get a look at the Amazonian Princess that is Wonder Woman. They showed a little bit of footage on the Dawn of the Justice special. It looks amazing. Check it out.

Jan 17

New Wonder Woman Set Photos Show Diana Holding a Shield and Sword

New Wonder Woman Set Photos Shows Diana Holding… by filmjunkee New Wonder Woman set photos have surface, and look at that, she’s holding a shield and a sword. You can tell there’s some kind of comedic moment happening here by the look on Gal Gadot’s and Chris Pine’s face. Can’t wait to see it on …

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Dec 28

New Wonder Woman Set Video Features Gal Gadot and Chris Pine

Some new videos from the set of Wonder Woman have arrived, and no, there is no Amazonian Princess kicking ass. It’s hard to see, but Chris Pine and Gal Gadot walking through town very secretively. Gadot is wearing a cloak, so your guess is as good as mine on what’s happening here. World War One …

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Dec 01

More Wonder Woman Set Photos with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine

More images coming out of the UK for the Wonder Woman movie. These images show Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and Saïd Taghmaoui on some kind journey it looks like. I wonder if they are aware of her abilities right here. Can’t wait for more!

Nov 29

New Wonder Woman Set Photos Surface!

The Wonder Woman set photos are rolling in folks. Fresh out of the UK we get our first look at the production of Wonder Woman, and it is definitely starting off in the WW1 era. Keep on the look out for more. You’re looking great Miss Gal Gadot. You too Chris Pine.

Nov 16

Possible Wonder Woman Movie Spoilers with Steve Trevor’s Character

When Said Taghmaoui posted that image of him and Chris Pine from the Wonder Woman movie set, I was wondering about the costumes. We know that Steve Trevor is Wonder Woman’s love interest in the books, so why is he going to be in the Word War 1 era? Heroic Hollywood might have the answer …

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Nov 15

Said Taghmaoui Playing a Superhero in Wonder Woman?!

Friday night, we received a nice surprise from actor Said Taghmaoui as he posted the image of him and Chris Pine on the set of Wonder Woman. WB probably scolded him a bit for that, as you cannot find that image on his Instagram anymore. Taghmaoui didn’t stop there though. He recently interviewed with a French magazine …

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