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May 11

Deadpool Dies in Deleted Scene and See How Colossus was Created

Deadpool Dies in Deleted Scene and See How… by filmjunkee Some more Deadpool goodies have surfaced from the Blu-ray bonus features. First we have a deleted scene where he actually dies. That’s right. He dies. Only for a bit so check that out below. You can also see how Colossus was created for Deadpool down …

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Dec 24

Deadpool TV Spot, Christmas Promo, Pool Log, and Colossus for 12 Days of Deadpool!

So much Deadpool awesome on this day of 12 Days of Deadpool, including a TV spot that wasn’t suppose to hit the interwebs yet. I don’t know who messed up, but Fox isn’t happy. I don’t need to explain anything else. Enjoy.