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Feb 15

Darkseid Justice League Storyboard Breakdown

Past couple days everyone in our little nerd world has been staring at that Justice League storyboard featuring Darkseid. I close my eyes and imagine the scene and when I open my eyes my pants are around my ankles. I decided to breakdown the storyboard from things I’ve seen people spot and my own opinions …

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Feb 13

Darkseid CONFIRMED Appearance in Justice League from Leaked Storyboard

Well look at that. Something…beautiful. A new Justice League storyboard has hit the interwebs that confirms an appearance by the League’s ultimate baddie, Darkseid. A post showed up this morning on the For Snyder Cut website, and the context of the scene is something we all want to see. According to the post, Cyborg jacks …

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May 13

New Justice League Rumors About Darkseid, and Willem Dafoe, and More

New Justice League Rumors About Darkseid, and… by filmjunkee The Justice League rumors keep on flowing, and sources Heroic Hollywood and Birth.Movies,Death apparently have those scoopers scoopin’. First off, Willem Dafoe might be anĀ Atlantean instead of the popular vote, Doctor Fate. The next bit of rumors suggest that even though Steppenwolf will be the big …

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Nov 23

Possible Justice League Part 1 Villain and Synopsis Revealed!

Who’s the big bad baddie in Justice League Part 1? Pretty obvious actually. We know that Darkseid is the ultimate Justice League bad guy. My Entertainment World posted on their site about the superhero team-up flick. Just information about the genre, filming location, and…THE VILLAIN AND WHAT HE WANTS TO DO. Okay…don’t get too excited, …

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