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Feb 20

Shazam! Costume Compared to Justice League War According to David F. Sandberg

David F. Sandberg loves to give fans little kid bits of what’s happening with the Shazam! movie. We’re all anxious to see what Zack Levi looks like in that costume, and the other day he gave us a little description. Apparently the costume will have many features from the costume featured in Justice League: War. …

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Jan 25

David F. Sandberg Talks Shazam! Humor Not Having Quippy One-Liners

Shazam! director, David F. Sandberg, has become my new favorite person on social media. He loves debunking theories from various websites about Shazam, and does it in humorous and clever ways. He went to Reddit recently to answer some questions, one of them being the level of humor in Shazam. Love his answers. The important …

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Jul 20

Shazam! Movie Goes into Production Early 2018 with David F. Sanberg Directing

It’s now confirmed that the Shazam! movie will begin production early next year. David F. Sandberg announced that he will be directing the movie and you can see that announcement below as he did it during Comic Con at Kevin Smith’s IMDb booth. It's official: #DavidFSandberg is directing #Shazam!, starring @TheRock! pic.twitter.com/ycuLW0T3HP — IMDb (@IMDb) …

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