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Oct 27

Benedict Cumberbatch Cast as Doctor Strange!


We finally have our Doctor Strange folks. Benedict Cumberbatch will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Doctor Steven Strange, the man who loses his hands, but gains magical powers. It was officially announced today that he will be playing the Doctor, after many MANY other actors were “in talks” to play the role. I really …

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Oct 15

WB Announces Official Justice League Movie Universe Roadmap!


WB Announces Official Justice League Movie… by filmjunkee Wow. WB and DC decided to blow our nerd balls today, and announce all those Justice League Universe movies they had dates for. Who knew today was going to be the day, but I’m glad it is. Here is what WB had to say, and that is …

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Apr 27

Zack Snyder Confirmed to Direct the Justice League After Batman Vs. Superman!


Not like it is much of a shock, but it has been officially confirmed that Zack Snyder will in fact direct the Justice League movie that will fall right after Batman Vs Superman. There were many speculations that he was the dude for the job, but a lot were also speculating that Ben Affleck might …

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Mar 14

Batman Vs. Superman Vs…Captain America???

You want to know just how confident Marvel is? Allow me to elaborate for you. May 6th, 2016, is a date we are all looking forward to, because that is the date for the epic battle of Batman Vs. Superman. The release date was pushed back to this date, which had some of us scratching …

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Jan 25

Batman Vs. Superman Release Date May be Delayed, but Production May Still be on Schedule.


When word hit that Batman Vs. Superman was pushed back 10 months, many internet junkies, and Batfleck haters, came up with their own conclusions for the delay. “Affleck was hurt.” “The script blows!” It got sickening to read all that. Well if you actually read the official press release from Warner Bros., they strictly say …

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Jan 20

Full Press Release for the Batman Vs. Superman Delay Surfaces


We are all still weeping about the news about Batman Vs. Superman being delayed another year. But when the tears dry up, we realize that if they need more time to make the best superhero movie ever made, then so be it. There were rumors that it was due to Ben Affleck injuring himself in …

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Jan 20

Check Out the Trailer for the ‘Batman and Son’


DC might not be dominating when it comes to the live-action movies, but they are thriving when it comes to their animated movies. A lot of you will agree that when DC puts out an animated movie about our favorite heroes, the child within jumps for joy. The new trailer from DC’s latest adaption, Batman …

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Jan 17

Batman Vs. Superman Delayed Until 2016


Well here is a bit of news I am saddened by. Seems that Warner Bros. has made the difficult decision to delay Batman Vs. Superman until 2016. Are you weeping yet? I’ll give you a moment to scream, and dry those tears. Now that the initial sting of the news has ceased, this is actually …

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Jan 14

Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League Shooting Back to Back?


With all the casting rumors surrounding Batman Vs. Superman, many were thinking that the movie was just going to end up being the Justice League movie. With the addition of Wonder Woman, and rumors that other players of the league would make an appearance, us nerds were getting worried that too much was going on …

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Jan 02

Dwayne Johnson Up for Green Lantern in Batman Vs. Superman Now?!


Okay here we go gang. The rumor mill for Batman Vs. Superman is going to keep on spinning for months to come. Earlier this week, there was a rumor that Denzel Washington was up for Green Lantern, which I found absolutely ludicrous. Now, we have Dwayne Johnson up for the role as Green Lantern. Another …

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