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May 11

Deadpool Dies in Deleted Scene and See How Colossus was Created

Deadpool Dies in Deleted Scene and See How… by filmjunkee Some more Deadpool goodies have surfaced from the Blu-ray bonus features. First we have a deleted scene where he actually dies. That’s right. He dies. Only for a bit so check that out below. You can also see how Colossus was created for Deadpool down …

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May 06

Deadpool Gag Reel Now Available to Watch and Blu-ray Commercial is What the Doctor Ordered

Dead pool Gag Reel Now Available to Watch and… by filmjunkee The Deadpool gag reel can now be viewed and it is six minutes of hilarity. I don’t know how they could’ve determined which lines to use from these guys. The commercial for the Deadpool Blu-ray has also been showing on TVs, and the marketing …

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Apr 27

See How the Deadpool Mask was Created

See How the Deadpool Mask was Created by filmjunkee The Deadpool mask will go down in history as one of the best superhero (anti-hero) masks ever created. The video below gives us an idea on how the mask was made which I’m sure there will be more when the Deadpool Blu-ray comes out.

Apr 20

Deadpool Blu-ray Bonus Features Revealed

Deadpool Blu-ray Bonus Features Revealed by filmjunkee The Deadpool Blu-ray will hit shelves on May 10th, but today, the list of bonus features we will be getting was released. The gag reel I’m anxious to see because you know those guys did a lot of improv throughout the movie. Bring it.

Mar 12

Deadpool Marketing Continues with Monthiversary Promo

Deadpool Marketing Continues with Monthiversary… by filmjunkee The marketing rolls on for Deadpool as they celebrate being in theaters for a month with a monthiversary promo. Ryan Reynolds does his best movie voice narration, and I love how it’s grainy.

Feb 28

Deadpool Three-peats While God of Egypt Negative-peats – Sunday Morning Box Office

Deadpool continues to dominate the box office by taking in another $31.5 million over the weekend. Break out the chimichangas. 1 1 Deadpool Fox $31,500,000 -44.2% 3,856 +134 $8,169 $285,639,009 2 N Gods of Egypt LG/S $14,000,000 – 3,117 – $4,491 $14,000,000 3 2 Kung Fu Panda 3 Fox $9,000,000 -28.1% 3,296 -152 $2,731 $128,455,359 …

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Feb 21

‘Dear Deadpool’ by Deadpool and Weasel with Sexual Subliminal Messages

'Dear Deadpool' by Deadpool and Weasel with… by filmjunkee The Deadpool goodness keeps on coming. Not only is the movie shattering records at the box office, they keep giving us brilliance on the interwebs. I hope this continues until Deadpool 2. #DearDeadpool is your new favorite advice show! #Deadpool: https://t.co/E6xL6Rd4xm @VancityReynolds @nottjmiller pic.twitter.com/4plAEPqS4d — Nerdist …

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Feb 20

Deadpool has a Kanye West Rant About Hosting SNL

Deadpool has a Kanye West Rant About Hosting SNL by filmjunkee There’s a petition going around for Deadpool to host SNL, but it seems that Deadpool has a little problem with Lorne Michaels of SNL. He decided to rant about him in a Kanye West fashion so give a listen below. Actually DEADPOOL was going …

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Feb 12

Deadpool – Film Review

Sunday after Comic Con closed out in 2014. I’m sitting in front of my desk, sipping Captain Morgan, watching probably a rerun of something I’ve seen 84 times, that someone links me to a video on twitter that has to do with Deadpool. I click and think it’s a fan film. No wait, it’s animated, …

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Feb 09

Deadpool 2 in the Works with Obvious Added Character and Reynolds Talks X-Force!

Deadpool 2 in the Works with Obvious Added… by filmjunkee Deadpool 2 has been confirmed to be in the works already at 20th Century Fox (obviously) and it looks like the movie will of course include Cable. The Deadpool and Cable dynamic is something we all want to see on the big screen, and I …

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