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Dec 14

Batman Vs. Superman Batmobile Update! Fast & Furious 7 Getting Rewrites!


Hello film friends. Time for your second helping of the video portion of movie news. Few pieces of news coming out of the comicbook world, and Spider-Man fans are most likely excited. Also, some Batmobile updates coming from the Batman Vs. Superman production. Less than two months away until they start filming. Enjoy the show! …

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Dec 13

Ed Helms to Star in Naked Gun Reboot


Frank Drebin will return to the big screen, but not the Frank Drebin we know and love. Paramount just revealed that they plan on rebooting the Naked Gun franchise, and we will see Ed Helms as the quirky police detective. Writers from Reno 911 and Night at the Museum have been hired on to bring …

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