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Aug 18

Original Fantastic Four Reboot Story Sounds Amazing

Original Fantastic Four Reboot Story Sounds… by filmjunkee Jeremy Slater was brought on by 20th Century Fox to bring new ideas to the Fantastic Four franchise. What he came up with was definitely “fantastic”. How much did Fox use of it? Basically nothing from it. Prepare those new boners. In addition to Annihilus and the …

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May 13

Fantastic Four 2 Could Only Happen if this Was Added

Fantastic Four 2 Could Only Happen if this Was… by filmjunkee Simon Kinberg who plays executive producer to Fox Marvel movies and has done some writing as well, came out to tell everyone that yes, they cheesed the Fantastic Four reboot, but he feels a sequel could still happen. That’s right. He even wants the …

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Oct 15

Fantastic Four Movie Rights Heading Back to Marvel?!

Our wishes may have been granted to us, gang. according to Den of Geek, the Fantastic Four movie rights are heading back to Marvel Studios in exchange for Fox being able to develop two new TV shows under Marvel Properties. Those shows are Hellfire and Legion, that base themselves in the X-Men world. This now …

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Sep 06

Fantastic Four Scrapped Concept Designs for H.E.R.B.I.E. and the Fantasticar

Fantastic Four Scrapped Concept Designs for H… by filmjunkeeThis movie refuses to go away. Fantastic Four came in second in the Summer box office bomb list, which might surprise everyone that it wasn’t first. Tomorrowland had much more of a gap between budget and earnings, but at least people liked Tomorrowland. I’m getting off the …

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Aug 25

Fantastic Four Concepts Show Different Planet Zero and Dr. Doom’s Castle

Fantastic Four Concepts Show Different Planet… by filmjunkee Early Fantastic Four concept art look pretty amazing, but of course it ended up being unused. I’m pretty tired of talking about the Fantastic Four, but I figured I’d show these and talk about them a bit to just stress how a studio can botch a movie. …

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Aug 19

First Fantastic Four Script Sounds Awesome and Would’ve Been a Success

As in the final film Reed goes to the Baxter Building as part of a science scholarship; there he meets Sue and Victor Von Doom. Victor takes the nerdy Reed to parties, where he meets and falls for Sue, but Victor’s not actually picking up girls at these shindigs – he is secretly feeding Reed’s …

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Aug 16

Straight Outta Compton Prevails while Fantastic Four Continues to Crash – Box Office

Aug 10

Fantastic Four B-Roll Footage Shows the Fantasticar!

Fantastic Four B-Roll Footage Shows the… by filmjunkee

Aug 09

Will Fox Sell the Fantastic Four Rights Back to Marvel?

Aug 09

Fantastic Four is a Fantastic Flop – Box Office