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Apr 08

Will Furious 7 be Taken Down by The Longest Ride? – Weekend Warrior

Apr 05

Furious 7 Smashes April Box Office Records!

Furious 7                                                       $143.6 million/$143.6 million Home                                               …

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Apr 04

Furious 7 – Film Review

Apr 01

Furious 7 Impressing the Critics! – Weekend Warrior

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Feb 04

New Furious 7 Trailer Shows Us the Furious


The Superbowl gave us a new Furious 7 TV spot, but given the hefty price tag that those spots have, we only got about thirty seconds of it. The full-length Furious 7 trailer has now been released online, and if that little TV spot got you excited, prepared to have your pants blown off. This …

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Apr 22

Captain America 3 Pulling Out of Batman Vs. Superman Date?! Robert Downey Avengers 2 Set Pic!


Let’s talk some movie news my friends. I just posted about the whole Batman Vs. Superman and Captain America 3 thing, so hopefully you already read that post. Robert Downey Jr. poses all Robert Downey Jr. like on the Avengers 2 set. It’s awesome. Love that guy. Movie News Captain America 3 might pull out …

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Apr 21

Paul Walker’s Brothers Get their Pictures Taken on Fast and Furious 7 Set

Production on Fast and Furious 7 is back in action, and if you guys didn’t know, Paul walker’s brothers, Cody and Caleb, are going to step in to cover the rest of Walker’s scenes he still had to shoot. This was a rumor about 2 months ago, but it is now a done deal, and …

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Dec 22

Vin Diesel Announces New Fast & Furious 7 Release Date


With the tragic death of Paul Walker, most of us wondered what would happen with Fast & Furious 7. There were still scenes for Walker to shoot, and just bringing the cast back into the world of fast cars, it would surely be rather difficult to get the movie done. The crew came up with …

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Dec 04

Production on Fast & Furious 7 Shuts Down Indefinitely


We now have word on the status of Fast & Furious 7 after the tragic death of Paul Walker. Universal Pictures has shut down production on the sequel for an indefinite amount of time, and is looking to help out families of both men’s families. Here is the statement they released today: Right now, all …

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