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Jan 14

Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League Shooting Back to Back?!?! Michael Douglas is Ant-Man!


Film Junkee in its video form is back after that week off. Lots of news to talk about, especially in the Batman Vs. Superman world. The codename for the movie has been leaked, and now we have a big rumor that the Justice League movie might be filmed right after Batman Vs. Superman. It never …

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Jan 05

Fast & Furious 7 Will Retire Paul Walker’s Character Not Kill Him Off


After the untimely death of actor Paul Walker, questions arose on the future of the Fast & Furious 7. The production was obviously delayed by the tragic death, but then news came about that stated the writer’s will send off Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor, honorably. There will be no death for Brian O’Connor. A lot …

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Dec 24

Batman Vs. Superman Producer Talks Ben Affleck and Wonder Woman! Fast & Furious New Release Date!


Merry to all you film lovers out there. Yes, it is the eve of Christmas, but I still have a Film Junkee video for you to watch. Got to get that Batman Vs. Superman news out there since it is a hot commodity. Also, Fast & Furious 7 gets a new release date, which I’m …

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Dec 22

Vin Diesel Announces New Fast & Furious 7 Release Date


With the tragic death of Paul Walker, most of us wondered what would happen with Fast & Furious 7. There were still scenes for Walker to shoot, and just bringing the cast back into the world of fast cars, it would surely be rather difficult to get the movie done. The crew came up with …

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Dec 17

The Hulk Getting His Own Movie?!?! Paul Walker’s Brother Filling in for Fast & Furious 7?


Film fans, it is that movement portion to the Film Junkee website. Time to listen to me ramble about those movies I love so much. Seems that The Hulk might get his own movie finally…again. If Lou Ferrigno is a reliable source, then yes we shall. Some might not think Paul Walker’s brother filling in …

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Dec 14

Paul Walker’s Brother Approached for Fast & Furious 7 Scenes


With the tragic and untimely death of actor Paul Walker, many of us wondered the future of Fast & Furious 7, or even the franchise as a whole. I reported a few days ago that rewrites had began on the script, and that Paul Walker was going to see an honorable send-off. Fast & Furious …

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Dec 14

Batman Vs. Superman Batmobile Update! Fast & Furious 7 Getting Rewrites!


Hello film friends. Time for your second helping of the video portion of movie news. Few pieces of news coming out of the comicbook world, and Spider-Man fans are most likely excited. Also, some Batmobile updates coming from the Batman Vs. Superman production. Less than two months away until they start filming. Enjoy the show! …

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Dec 12

Paul Walker to See an Honorable Send-off in Fast & Furious 7 Rewrite


The Fast & Furious 7 production was shut down indefinitely due to the tragic death of Paul Walker, and many, including myself, were wondering if the franchise was dead in the water. Filming of the sequel was still underway, and Walker had some crucial scenes to be shot in the coming weeks. It seems that …

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Dec 07

Ben Affleck On Batman Vs. Superman and Daredevil! Gal Gadot is Our Wonder Woman

Happy Saturday to you all. Time for your second weekly helping of Film Junkee in video form. More Batman Vs. Superman talk from Mr. Ben Affleck. Love how he chimed in on all the internet backlash, and how everyone keeps refering to Daredevil. Let’s just stop doing that, okay? Enjoy the show! Movie topics Ben …

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Dec 04

Production on Fast & Furious 7 Shuts Down Indefinitely


We now have word on the status of Fast & Furious 7 after the tragic death of Paul Walker. Universal Pictures has shut down production on the sequel for an indefinite amount of time, and is looking to help out families of both men’s families. Here is the statement they released today: Right now, all …

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