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Jul 17

Ghostbusters 2016 Underperforms while Secret Life of Pets Repeats – Box Office

Ghostbusters 2016 Underperforms while Secret… by filmjunkee The numbers are in, and many were anxious to see how well Ghostbusters was going to do over the weekend. Whether you loved it or hated it, the numbers tell us that it underperformed with $46 million and came in second to Secret Life of Pets. Many are …

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Jul 15

Ghostbusters 2016 – Film Review

The new Ghostbusters movie is finally upon us and it’s been one crazy journey for this flick. I was in full support of this movie when it was announced, but as soon as that first trailer debuted, my support started to dwindle. From the poor trailers and TV spots, to the information I found behind …

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Jul 13

Ghostbusters (2016) is Certified Fresh – Weekend Warrior

Ghostbusters is finally here and the critics have spoken. Rotten Tomatoes deemed it certified fresh today at a 75% rating, with the consensus being that it’s funny, but doesn’t measure up to the original. THat’s a given, and from the reviews I’ve seen the consensus is that the movie isn’t good but there are laughs …

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Jul 11

Ghostbusters 2016: The Bad Marketing and Straight Up Stupidity

Ghostbusters 2016: The Bad Marketing and… by filmjunkee The Ghostbusters reboot has been a beacon of controversy ever sine it was announced that Paul Feig was going to direct a new movie with an all-female cast. But it wasn’t until that first trailer came until they realized what they got themselves into. Fandom is something …

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Jul 05

New Ghostbusters TV Spot Features “The Slimers”

New Ghostbusters TV Spot Features "The Slimers" by filmjunkee Okay then. A new TV spot for Ghostbusters has arrived and guess what? Slimer has a lady in his life. That’s correct. At the end of the TV spot you see slider behind the wheel of a car with a female Slimer in the passenger seat. …

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Jun 14

New Ghostbusters TV Spots Reveal Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and More Bad Humor

New GhostbustersTV Spots Reveal Stay Puft… by filmjunkee Four new Ghostbusters TV spots have hit the internet, and in one of them, Mr. Stay Puft reveals himself. It’s not the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man we remember, sadly. This Stay Puft looks like a neon ballon that is a fraction of the size of the original. …

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Jun 12

Ghostbusters Reboot Soundtrack List Released with New Poster

Ghostbusters Reboot Soundtrack List Released… by filmjunkeeFor those that are still looking forward the Ghostbusters reboot, the track list has been released for the flick, but the poster that comes with it is quite eye-catching. It’s kind of dark with the huge ghostly cloud has some pretty evil looking faces within it. Too bad the …

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Jun 10

New Ghostbusters Poster Tries to Make Chris Hemsworth Nerdy

New Ghostbusters Poster Tries to Make Chris… by filmjunkee A new Ghostbusters poster surfaced on Ghostbuster’s Day, and it tries pretty hard to make Chris Hemsworth look nerdy. Now I have no doubt that Thor can be funny act like a nerd, but come one. You can only hide the physique with so much clothing. …

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May 30

Dan Akyroyd Gives Ghostbusters Reboot Review that is ‘Shockingly’ Super-Positive

Dan Akyroyd Gives Ghostbusters Reboot Review… by filmjunkee Sony has apparently held a test screening for the Ghostbusters reboot, and you guessed it, it’s big time positive. He couldn’t wait to get on his computer to share with his fans on his Facebook page. As originator of the original: Saw test screening of new movie. …

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May 18

Second Ghostbusters Trailer has Arrived

Second Ghostbusters Trailer has Arrived by filmjunkee The second Ghostbusters trailer is here to hopefully instill some hope for this movie. I wish I could say this trailer was fantastic but sadly, it falls pretty short once again. Check it out below.