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May 18

Godzilla Destroys Box Office. See How Much it Made – Box Office

Box Office totals are in, and you know that giant lizard stomped the competition.$93.2 million is what Godzilla pulled in this weekend, which is a few hundred thousand more than what the Amazing Spider-Man 2 made in its opening weekend. The other newcomer of the weekend was Million Dollar Arm, and it managed to grab …

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May 16

Godzilla – Film Review

Godzilla is back! And we can hopefully forget about that abysmal first attempt back in 1998, where it seemed like it was more like Godzilla’s size changing, retarded cousin. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Ken Watanabe, star in this latest reboot of the giant lizard…and that is pretty much all you need to …

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Apr 28

New Godzilla Trailer Shows Monster Vs. Monster Action!

Oh man guys. I literally got goosebumps watching the trailer you are about to watch. In fact, there is really no reason why you should be reading the words I am typing, because you need to be watching this new Godzilla trailer. This time we get even more footage, but the real kicker is we …

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Apr 20

Zack Snyder Talks Batsuit! Muto Monster Spotted in Godzilla Footage!


Happy Zombie Jesus Day everyone. Here is the FIlm Junkee Episode that should’ve been up yesterday. Zack Snyder teases us about the batsuit once again, and it turns out he has a huge picture of it in his office. I am down to break into it if you are. Enjoy the show! Movie News Zack …

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Apr 19

Muto Monster Spotted in New Godzilla Footage!

People of WonderCon: I hate you! Okay, that is just the cold-hearted jealousy that is running through my body, but man did they get a treat today. Seems that some brand new footage was shown off at WonderCon of Godzilla, and judging by the tweets I can tell it was footage that caused audience members …

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Apr 08

New Extended Godzilla Trailer Shows Us More Intensity

If the recent trailers for the new Godzilla movie hasn’t grabbed you by the balls yet, about to get them squeezed. A new extended trailer for the anticipated monster reboot landed online yesterday, and it shows a lot more than the previous trailers. For instance, you get more into Bryan Cranston’s character, and I almost …

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Mar 19

New Godzilla 2014 Poster Shows Us His Tail Will Wipeout Cities


Want to know just how huge the new Godzilla is? Well…just look at that beautiful new poster above. The official Twitter handle of the new Godzilla movie tweeted out the new poster, and it gives us an idea of the magnitude of this beast, as if we didn’t know already. Godzilla is probably one of, …

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Mar 15

Batman and Superman to Take on Captain America! Godzilla will Take on Another Monster!

Happy Saturday my friends. Hopefully your day is filled with relaxation, or you are getting much needed errands done. Got another Film Junkee episode for you, and wow was it hard to edit. I shot the show last night at about midnight, after having a few beers. Accompany that with being tired, I rambled and …

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Mar 12

Second Monster with Wings Confirmed in Godzilla 2014

Anyone at SXSW I absolutely loathe right now. They just witnessed an exclusive look at Godzilla 2014, and the entire place gave a standing ovation. Few lucky patrons out there tweeted out what they saw, and one of them was Ryan Turek from Shocktilyoudrop.com. He confirmed what we have only speculated, and that is that …

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Feb 25

Ben Affleck Batsuit Reveal Delayed!! Guardians of the Galaxy Madness!


Let’s talk some movies guys. Yes sadly, the Ben Affleck batsuit has been delayed for us to see it in all its glory, but we must be patient even though I want to weep. Lots of Guardians of the Galaxy stuff happened last week. The buzz around this movie has heightened, and I am hoping …

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