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Nov 27

New Batman Easter Eggs Found in Suicide Squad

New Batman Easter Eggs Found in Suicide Squad by filmjunkee A Redditor had a pretty good eye when watching Suicide Squad recently and noticed some familiar names in a shot of Gotham before we see Deadshot get confronted by Batman. Ace Chemicals can be seen pretty clearly, and the Gotham Chronicle and the Gotham Telegraph. …

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Sep 27

New Batman v Superman Concept Art Reveals Alternate Superman Statue

New Batman v Superman Concept Art Reveals… by filmjunkee More Batman v Superman concept art has surfaced this time giving us alternate designs for the Superman statue, Aquaman’s trident, and Wonder Woman’s sword. The concept art comes fromĀ Robert McKinnon and they are quite beautiful.

Feb 07

New Batman v Superman Turkish Airlines TV Spots!

New Batman v Superman Turkish Airlines TV Spots! by filmjunkee There we have it. Two new Batman v Superman Turkish Airlines commercials that feature Metropolis and Gotham City. We also get words from Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne, and it’s perfect. Great Marketing Warner Bros.

Aug 27

Clark Kent Spotted on Batman v Superman Set…Kinda!

It’s a new day in the Batman v Superman world, so that means new set photos. First one is of Clark Kent…his stand in. Yes, sadly that isn’t Mr. Cavill in his Clark Kent get up, but it is still something to gawk at. Other photos are below that show us the outside of the …

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Aug 26

Superman Does the Ice Bucket Challenge! Gotham City Jail Spotted on Batman v Superman Set!


Need a quick fix of movies? I am here for you my friends. Today was a great day in the Batman v Superman world. Henry Cavill and Amy Adams did the ice bucket challenge on the set of Batman v Superman, and Cavill DID IT IN COSTUME! Try not to nerd out on that. More …

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Jun 14

More Batman v. Superman Photos! Jason Momoa Aquaman Rumors are Back!


Who wants more Batman v. Superman set photos? All of us of course! And more have surfaced giving us a look at a news van and helicopter from the cities that our heroes inhabit. The Jason Momoa Aquaman rumors are and it is difficult to tell if he has been cast or not. Let’s be …

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Nov 16

Check Out the Photos from Batkid as He Saves Gotham City!

Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder should reconsider Ben Affleck for the Batman role in Batman Vs. Superman, because 5 year-old Miles plays a pretty good Batman. The Batkid Make A Wish event that happened yesterday, grabbed the hearts of all of us around the world, and really restored a little faith back in humanity. Miles, …

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Oct 19

Check Out the Gotham City Football T-Shirts Handed Out to Fans at Today’s Shoot for Batman Vs. Superman


I knew it. I should have gone. Instead I stayed home staring at my computer screen, due to lack of sleep and excessive drinking until five in the morning. Missed out on my Gotham City T-shirt, and now I have brought shame to my fellow Batman nerds out there. The image above comes from fellow …

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Oct 18

Batman Vs. Superman Gotham City Football Jerseys Surface for this Weekend’s Shoot


So tempted to make a drive out to LA this weekend. The fanboy inside is screaming at me. Last week, I reported that Batman Vs. Superman will shoot its first shots of the movie at theĀ East Los Angeles College stadium. During halftime, the stadium will become Gotham University Stadium, and players wearing the jerseys on …

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Oct 07

Watch Batman Meet Breaking Bad in ‘Breaking Bad Rises’ [Video]


Breaking Bad has sadly come to an end, but that does not mean the fan made films have to end. And this time we find our characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Gotham city. It is an animated trailer, and you even get to see Jesse put on the Robin costume. Jesse as Robin, …

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