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Dec 17

New Lex Luthor Image and DCEU Easter Egg Filled Image Released

What does Lex Luthor have to say to Wired.com? Go check it out. he talks a little Batman and Superman. A new image was also released, which shows us the young entrepreneur. There is also a an image chalk full of DCEU Easter Eggs that you should really look at. Check out the Interview HERE.

Sep 08

Closer Look at Diggle’s Costume for Arrow Season 4

Closer Look at Diggle's Costume for Arrow Season 4 by filmjunkee A closer look at Diggle’s costume for Arrow Season 4 and the Magneto jokes will make a comeback from last week’s reveal. It is an interesting choice to use that helmet, but I’m sure there will be some sort of explanation in the new …

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Sep 04

Arrow Season 4 Trailer has Arrived!

Arrow Season 4 Trailer has Arrived! by filmjunkee The trailer for Arrow Season 4 is here folks. Stephen Amell just released the trailer online not too long ago, and i can’t wait for the season to start. You get to see Oliver and Felicity get domesticated, while the rest of the Arrow team continues to …

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Sep 03

Diggle’s Helmet Revealed for Arrow Season 4!

Diggle's Helmet Revealed for Arrow Season 4! by filmjunkee Diggle will finally disguise himself for Arrow Season 4, and he damn well should! The guy has a kid now! Obviously the first reaction is, “is that Magneto’s helmet?” Whatever. ┬áIf it protects him, that we shall allow it. Let me know your thoughts on the …

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Feb 28

The Flash Revealed for the CW’s New Flash Series

It has been over twenty years since we’ve gotten a live-action Flash, and given that the CW’s Arrow series has been a smash hit, the CW decided to expand the DC Universe by adding The Flash to their line-up. They just released the first official image of Grant Gustin dawning The Flash cowl, and the …

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Jan 25

Two Batsuits for Batman! Ant-Man Takes Batman Vs. Superman’s Release Date!


Hope your Saturday is treating you right my friends. Time for that video portion of the Film Junkee. I kind of rant on all the posts that found it shocking that Gal Gadot was also going to appear in the Justice League movie, as well as her own movie. Also talk a little bit more …

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Jan 23

Arrow Star Stephen Amell Addresses Justice League Rumors


Here comes more drama from the DC and Warner Bros. world. Seems that Arrow star, Stephen Amell, was rumored to be talking to studio executives about showing up in the Justice League movie. Seems like it would be a great idea, considering that Arrow has become a popular show, but rumors doing what rumors do, …

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Nov 14

Lex Luthor, Flash, and Wonder Woman Casting and Character Details may have Surfaced from Batman Vs. Superman


With all the Wonder Woman, Nightwing, and batsuit hoopla coming from the Batman Vs. Superman world, we tend to forget that Lex Luthor will be present in the movie. Casting rumors surfaced a couple months ago suggesting that Bryan Cranston or Mark Strong were candidates for the coveted role. Strong was my number one choice …

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