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Nov 20

Henry Cavill is Still Contracted for One More Superman Appearance but He’s Not Going Anywhere

There’s a lot of info pouring out of the DCEU that we have to take with an HUGE grain of salt. Given the low box office numbers for Justice League, many are worried about what Warner Bros. is now planning, and especially about our beloved Superman, Henry Cavill. Still no announcement for Man of Steel …

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Sep 22

Henry Cavill Posts Superman Image with Kids and Justice League Member Standees

Henry Cavill Posts Superman Image with Kids and… by filmjunkee Henry Cavill went to Instagram to post a lovely little image with him in his Superman costume with kids, and some Justice League Standees. The standees are in the concept art nature and give us a new look at each Justice League member so that’s …

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Aug 17

These Henry Cavill Superman Set Images Are Not from the Justice League Set

These Henry Cavill Superman Set Images Are Not… by filmjunkee The images below have been circulating around the internet today claiming that Henry Cavill is sporting his traditional suit with the Superman curl on the Justice League set. Now I can understand at first thinking this is the the case. Justice League is currently filming …

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Aug 15

Henry Cavill Teases Silver and Black Superman Costume for Justice League

Henry Cavill Teases Silver and Black Superman… by filmjunkee Henry Cavill caused nerd boners everywhere today by going to his Instagram to tease the Silver and black Superman suit for Justice League. We all are hoping they follow the source material when it comes to Superman coming back, and in order for him to fight …

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Aug 13

Henry Cavill Talks Justice League Production and DC Extended Universe!


There’s a big plan in place at WB for the whole DC franchise. So, all of this stuff ties in. They’re not thinking from movie to movie, they’re thinking from a big tent pole type thing and each story has its own story, which is attached to the major issue. Yeah, there’s a big plan. …

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