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Jan 16

The Incredible Hulk Watch – Infinity War Challenge

The Infinity War Challenge continues on with The Incredible Hulk. Underrated MCU flick, so check out my watch of it.

Jan 10

New Avengers 4 Set Images Confirm Major Plot

POSSIBLE SPOILERS New Avengers 4 set images confirm something we’ve expected with the other set images: time travel. Tony, Cap, Hulk, and Ant-Man are shown in the images and Captain America is wearing his costume from the first Avengers movie. You will also notice the actors are wearing orange mo-cap dots, as well as some …

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Jul 22

Thor Ragnarok Comic Con Trailer has Arrived!

The second Thor Ragnarok trailer has arrived form Comic Con and it apparently got a stand O from the audience. Enjoy.

May 30

The Hulk is Getting a Bed for Thor Ragnarok?

The Hulk is Getting a Bed for Thor Ragnarok? by filmjunkee This is interesting. Looks like the Hulk gets his very own bed for Thor Ragnarok. I mean, the beast needs somewhere to sleep, sure, but do we really need to see it? Maybe this is fake but those are the images floating around. We …

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Dec 02

FIRST LOOK at Thor and Hulk in Thor Ragnarok Concept Art!

FIRST LOOK at Thor and Hulk in Thor Ragnarok… by filmjunkee We have our first look at Thor and Hulk in a new piece of Thor Ragnarok concept art. Awesome to see Hulk wearing the Planet Hulk Armor. Thor is also rocking a new helmet with some war paint on his face. It’s going to …

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Dec 01

LEAKED Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Images? Spider-Man and Thor Ragnarok Hit CCXP

LEAKED Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Images… by filmjunkee Some Spider-Man Homecoming images have emerged that claim to be from the first trailer. I call BS, because one image looks like it’s from Civil War and another looks likest’s from Amazing Spider-Man 2 during an Electro scene. Nice try. Spider-Man Homecoming and Thor Ragnarok have also made …

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Aug 03

Mark Ruffalo Selfies with Hulk’s Head as He Wraps Thor Ragnarok

Mark Ruffalo Selfies with Hulk Head as He Wraps… by filmjunkee Mark Ruffalo has completed his work for Thor Ragnarok, and he celebrated by taking a selfie with Hulk’s head. Ruffalo will most likely be Hulk the entire time give that this movie will reference Planet Hulk, so doing a month’s worth of mocap is …

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May 31

New Thor Ragnarok Story Details that Include Planet Hulk!

New Thor Ragnarok Story Details that Include… by filmjunkee Joblo got exclusive story details for Thor Ragnarok, and everyone will be happy that those details include Planet Hulk. References to the popular Hulk story will be a part of this story, as well as the Ragnarok story. Apparently both Hulk and Thor will be banished …

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Feb 10

New Thor Ragnarok Spoiler Rumor Tells the End of an MCU Character

New Thor Ragnarok Spoiler Rumor Tells the End… by filmjunkee With the Marvel Cinematic Universe getting bigger, it’s time to start killing off some of the old characters. With Captain America Civil War looking to off some of the characters, Thor Ragnarok might get rid of a character as well. POSSIBLE SPOILERS! According to Latino …

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Sep 03

Mark Ruffalo Says the Hulk was Removed from Captain America Civil War

Mark Ruffalo Says the Hulk was Removed from… by filmjunkee We get our answer whether or not the Hulk is in Captain America Civil War from the man himself. Mark Ruffalo chimed in to¬†BadTaste.it¬†about his role in Civil War, and mentions that the original plan was to have him in the anticipated sequel, but sadly …

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