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Jul 22

New Thor Ragnarok Concept Art Pins the Heroes into a Face Off

Some new Thor Ragnarok concept art has surfaced this Comic Con morning. Art you will see in posters and merchandise. New trailer should be out later today so make sure your subscribed to my channels.

May 30

The Hulk is Getting a Bed for Thor Ragnarok?

The Hulk is Getting a Bed for Thor Ragnarok? by filmjunkee This is interesting. Looks like the Hulk gets his very own bed for Thor Ragnarok. I mean, the beast needs somewhere to sleep, sure, but do we really need to see it? Maybe this is fake but those are the images floating around. We …

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Jan 05

Official Thor Ragnarok Synopsis and BTS Image

Official Thor Ragnaork Synopsis and BTS Image by filmjunkee The official Thor Ragnarok has been released, giving us ore of what we already know about the anticipated sequel. A behind the scenes image was also released, but give a look at that synopsis. I’m more excited now.

Dec 02

FIRST LOOK at Thor and Hulk in Thor Ragnarok Concept Art!

FIRST LOOK at Thor and Hulk in Thor Ragnarok… by filmjunkee We have our first look at Thor and Hulk in a new piece of Thor Ragnarok concept art. Awesome to see Hulk wearing the Planet Hulk Armor. Thor is also rocking a new helmet with some war paint on his face. It’s going to …

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Aug 03

Mark Ruffalo Selfies with Hulk’s Head as He Wraps Thor Ragnarok

Mark Ruffalo Selfies with Hulk Head as He Wraps… by filmjunkee Mark Ruffalo has completed his work for Thor Ragnarok, and he celebrated by taking a selfie with Hulk’s head. Ruffalo will most likely be Hulk the entire time give that this movie will reference Planet Hulk, so doing a month’s worth of mocap is …

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Feb 07

Ant-Man and Hulk Appear in New Coca-Cola Commercial

Ant-Man and Hulk Appear in New Coca-Cola… by filmjunkee We got the Captain America Civil War TV spot earlier, and now we have Ant-Man and The Hulk appearing in a new Coca Cola commercial. It’s pretty funny, and the quality is top-notch. Check it out below.

Sep 03

Mark Ruffalo Says the Hulk was Removed from Captain America Civil War

Mark Ruffalo Says the Hulk was Removed from… by filmjunkee We get our answer whether or not the Hulk is in Captain America Civil War from the man himself. Mark Ruffalo chimed in to¬†BadTaste.it¬†about his role in Civil War, and mentions that the original plan was to have him in the anticipated sequel, but sadly …

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Jun 23

Reasons Why a New Hulk Solo Movie hasn’t been Made Yet

Oct 28

New Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Hits the Net! [UPDATE] Marvel Posts the new Footage!

We’ve already gotten a pretty spectacular day from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and don’t think that was all they had for us. Given that the first official trailer to Avengers: Age of Ultron leaked out last week, Marvel planned on showing us additional footage from the sequel during Tonight’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Get your pants …

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