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Jan 03

Second Avengers 2 Trailer Almost Here! Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Iron Man 4

Jun 24

Shane Black to Write and Direct Predator Reboot!

Here is some breaking news I didn’t expect to see today, or anytime soon; Shane Black will be writing and directing a newly rebooted Predator movie. Now at first I thought how random it was that Shane Black will be shining new light in the Predator franchise, because if you look at the movies he’s …

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Nov 15

2013 Summer Blockbuster Box Office Report Summed Up in this Infographic

The Summer blockbuster season saw some pretty big movies, and some pretty smelly stinkers. Dish Network designed an infographic to show us the winners and losers, but I question some of the losers. Iron Man 3 was of course the reigning champ of the Summer season with a staggering $174.2 million, with Man Of Steel …

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