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Sep 12

Robert Downey Jr. Posts Image Teasing Possible Iron Man 4?

Robert Downey Jr. Posts Image Teasing Possible… by filmjunkee Robert Downey Jr. went to his Instagram today and posted an image of him with a group of important Marvel people. Jon Favereu, Tom Holland, the Russo Bros., and Kevin Feige sit there with him. Not sure who the other guy is because I didn’t look …

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Feb 16

Robert Downey Jr. Talks Captain America Civil War and Vision in Avengers 2!

Jan 03

Second Avengers 2 Trailer Almost Here! Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Iron Man 4

Oct 20

Robert Downey Jr. Teases Captain America 3’s Magnitude [Video]


You have probably no doubt heard, that instead of us getting Iron Man 4, Marvel has decided to bring Iron Man/Tony Stark to Captain America 3 that will kick off the Marvel Civil War series. It has yet to become official yet, but that hasn’t stopped Robert Downey Jr. from mentioning it while promoting his …

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Oct 01

Robert Downey Jr. Talks Briefly About the Future of Iron Man


Iron Man 4…is it going to happen? There have been rumors back and forth about the future of the beloved character that is Mr. Tony Stark, and all we know for certain, is that Downey is signed up for two more Avenger movies. Robert Downey Jr. recently sat own with The Hollywood Reporter to talk …

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Jul 23

Robert Downey Jr. Looking Towards Iron Man 4

Last year, we got word that Robert Downey Jr. might be hanging up his iron suit, at least for any Iron Man standalone movies. He was the last one to sign on for Avengers 2 and 3, and after that news broke, we wondered if Iron Man 4 was going to happen. It didn’t seem …

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