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Jun 12

New Spider-Man Homecoming Posters are Somewhat Improvements

New Spider-Man Homecoming Posters are Somewhat… by filmjunkee Some new Spider-Man Homecoming posters have surfaced today, and I will say these posters have gotten better. Of course…the damn Avengers Tower is still lurking in the background, and I’m starting to believe that this movie is about a high school kid trying to escape the tower …

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May 30

Spider-Man Homecoming Runtime Revealed

Spider-Man Homecoming Runtime Revealed by filmjunkee We have the official runtime for Spider-Man Homecoming and you can expect to be sitting in that seat for 2 hours and 10 minutes. Seems to be a perfect amount of time to see our new Spidey. This also includes credits and post-credit scenes.

Feb 08

New Iron Man Suit Shows Up with New Spider-Man Homecoming Toys

New Iron Man Suit Shows Up with New Spider-Man… by filmjunkee Comingsoon.net got an exclusive first look into Hasbro’s new Spider-Man Homecoming toyline. We see Peter Parker’s first Spider-Man costume again, but what’s interesting is that we also see a new Iron Man suit. It might just be for toys, or we will get another …

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Dec 08

First Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer has Arrived!

It is here! with web wings and vultures, the first Spider-Man Homecoming trailer has landed, but guess what? THERE’S TWO TRAILERS! At least Kevin Feige said there were going to be two slightly different ones. Will post them both when ready. You should not be reading this right now. Watch them over and over again.