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Aug 11

James Wan Teases Aquaman Underwater Talking and Justice League Gets Metallic Logo

Zack Snyder Posts Jason Momoa Aquaman Pic and… by filmjunkee James Wan about Aquaman, which Wan is 100% focusing on now that Conjuring 2 and Lights Out are out and promoted. The question came up about how Aquman and Atlanteons are going to talk underwater. Yeah, speech bubbles, right?! Maybe it’ll be speech bubbles. [Laughs] …

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Aug 10

Black Manta is the Main Villain in Aquaman Movie if You Didn’t Figure That Out

Black Manta is the Main Villain in Aquaman… by filmjunkee Big scoop, guys! Turns out the main villain for Aquaman, Black Manta, will be the main villain of the Aquaman movie. This comes from Mr. Scooper over at The Wrap who basically got the exclusive to something we could have figured out for ourselves.

Jun 11

The Conjuring 2 – Film Review

The Conjuring 2 sees the return of the Warrens and the return of James Wan as director. Annabelle was a a misfire with this franchise, so how does The Conjuring 2 fair out? Check my review above.

Jun 07

James Wan Explains Why He Chose to Direct Aquaman Over The Flash

James Wan Explains Why He Chose to Direct… by filmjunkee James Wan sat down with Uproxx to promote his movie, The Conjuring 2, but of course the questions about the Aquaman movie arose. Turns out, Wan was actually given a chose on which movie he wanted to direct, Aquaman or The Flash. Here’s his response: It was, …

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May 01

James Wan Debunks Aquaman Rumors in a Great Way

James Wan Debunks Aquaman Rumors in a Great Way by filmjunkee James Wan decided to raise the figurative middle finger to those rumors of him possibly departing the Aquaman movie. He posted the image you below, and well this just adds to the belief that there are those out there that create rumors for clicks, …

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Apr 29

DCEU Director’s Conflict Update that is Both Good and Bad for Warner Bros.

DCEU Director's Conflict Update that is Both… by filmjunkee What is going on over there at Warner Bros.? A lot of info has surfaced about the directors of the DCEU projects that is both good and bad. Let’s start with the good. The solo Batman movie is a movie a lot of us are looking …

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Jun 03

Aquaman Movie Gets Director James Wan!

Oct 21

Ray Fisher Talks Cyborg and Batman v Superman!


Jul 17

The Conjuring Spin-Off ‘Annabelle’ Gets its First Trailer

The Conjuring saw a pretty successful response when it hit theaters, and not just at the box office. Critics praised James Wan and his unique horror style, so naturally when you get that kind of response, you immediately look to more movies. But instead of jumping right into a sequel, a spin-off titled Annabelle, will …

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