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Sep 19

The Joker and Harley Quinn Movie has Directors Picked Out and Margot Robbie is Excited

I don’t know where I was when they announced the writer/directors to the Joker and Harley Quinn movie, but THEY be picked. Glenn Ficarra and John Sequa are pretty much set to write and direct the deranged love story. It’s not fully official. I believe it’s like what they’re doing with Gavin O’Connor and Suicide squad …

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Sep 06

Jared Leto Confirms Joker and Harley Development. Little Confused by Joker Origin Movie.

Jared Leto was recently interviewed and naturally the interviewer asked him about what is going on over in the DC world with his Joker and the Joker origin movie. He’s slightly confused, but I’m glad to hear he still loves the character and is still game for it.

Sep 06

Suicide Squad 2 to be Written by Gavin O’Connor and Possibly Directed

Looks like Warner Bros. as brought on Gavin O’Connor (Warrior, The Accountant) to write up a script for Suicide Squad 2. According to Variety, O’Connor will write a script, then possibly direct the movie given the new is that he is in talks to take the directing chair. Good choice.

Aug 24

Jared Leto Still the Joker for Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens…or Joker and Harley?

We’ve questioned whether Jared Leto will come back to the play the Joker in future DCEU movies. We all want him in The Batman but so far, no mention on whether he will show up in Reeves’ movie. After it was reported that Scorsese and Phillips want to do a Joker origin movie not attached …

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Feb 28

New Joker Images from Suicide Squad Deleted Scenes Show Up for Best Makeup

New Joker Images from Suicide Squad Deleted… by filmjunkee Oh more images of deleted Joker scenes in Suicide Squad have surfaced. These come from the Oscars where Suicide Squad won for Best Makeup. Joker’s burnt face can be seen with an evil Joker-;like smile on it. Please come back Jared Leto.

Nov 22

Up Close with the Jared Leto Joker Tattoos from Suicide Squad

Up-Close with the Jared Leto Joker Tattoos from… by filmjunkee More tasty goodies coming out of the Suicide Squad Extended cut release. We already got up-close with Harley Quinn’s tattoos. Now we have the Jared Leto Joker tattoos to looks at. I live the Batman tattoos with the dagger going through it. Enjoy. Source: Via Batman …

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Nov 21

More Suicide Squad Concept Art and Missing Deleted Joker Scenes

More Suicide Squad Concept Art and Missing… by filmjunkee More concept art has surfaced from Suicide Squad, showing some very early costume designs. The image of the group in the bar would look nicely on my wall, and I wouldn’t mind the Killer Croc image, too. Someone also put together missing Joker scenes that did …

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Nov 11

More Joker Footage, Harley Quinn Movie Gets Writer, and Suicide Squad Ends Box Office Run

More Joker Footage, Harley Quinn Movie Gets… by filmjunkee So much going on in this post, I don’t know where to start. There’s a bunch of goodies down below for you to watch, so get on it. The TV spot for the Suicide Squad Extended Cut that features more Jared Leto Joker footage. There’s a …

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Sep 12

Jared Leto’s Joker and Apokolips Scenes Confirmed for Justice League?

Jared Leto's Joker and Apokolips Scenes… by filmjunkee Today I saw many posts from sites talking about Justice League shooting in Iceland for the months of October and November. I didn’t think much of it, but then I decided to take a look at the source all the sites were using. The site is http://www.westfjords.is and …

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Sep 03

How the Joker Could Have Been the Main Villain in Suicide Squad

How the Joker Could Have Been the Main Villain… by filmjunkee Suicide Squad has been out for a month now, and even though the critics weren’t too kind to it, the movie had legs and is a success. Now a lot of the main issues with the villain based movie is that the plot was …

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