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Oct 25

Avengers 4 Set Images Reveal Potential Hawkeye SPOILER

SPOILER ALERT Just saying, because these images show a little slightly different Hawkeye for Avengers 4. Seems that the Ronin version of Clint is going to make his way into Avengers 4 if you notice the thing and knee guards on Jeremy Renner. I’m ok with this. すごい遠景だけどアベンジャーズ4(仮)のホークアイの写真出てた。今回の衣装は(も?)黒ベースで差し色が金になるのかな?https://t.co/nvi7x4zqGP pic.twitter.com/ageg2z3MQ1 — Weeping angel (@weepingangel013) October 25, …

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Nov 11

Arrival – Film Review

Arrival sees a new kind of alien invasion movie starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. This movie has had a ton of buzz since it was seen early on, and the 96% on Rotten Tomatoes says it all. See what I thought about this crazy alien movie above.

Jun 14

Jeremy Renner Shows Off Captain America Civil War Poster! Whose Side Are You On?

What do you say? What side are you on? #avengers #civilwar #captainamerica #ironman #marvel pic.twitter.com/aKKwuYR9mY — Jeremy Renner (@Renner4Real) June 12, 2015

Sep 24

Jeremy Renner Teases Hawkeye in Captain America 3

Captain America 3 is scheduled to start production some time early next year, and there has been much speculation that Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye may have a pivitol role in the sequel. Scarlet had her time with Cappy, now let’s get a third to the bromance of Cap and Falcon. Renner recently spoke with MTV about …

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Aug 25

Hawkeye Gets a New Jacket in Avengers 2 and He Might Show Up in Captain America 3

Looks like Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye gets a wardrobe upgrade for Avengers 2, as you can see by the image above. The image is brought to us by Empire Magazine, and the full image is actually below, where we get our captain, Mr. Joss Whedon, showing Renner how to handle that bow and arrow. Some other …

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Jul 26

Avengers 2 Footage Revealed at Comic Con! Ant-Man Footage as Well!


With all the Batman v. Superman awesome that came out of Comic Con today, we must not forget that Marvel had their big day as well. They came to the Con fully equipped, by starting of their panel with Ant-Man, bringing on Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, and also announcing the actors playing some of …

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Mar 30

More Avengers 2 Set Photos! Green Goblin Poses for a Picture!


Happy Sunday night film friends. Sadly, this Film Junkee should have been up yesterday but it has been that kind of weekend. More Avengers 2 photos have surfaced, as well as a heartwarming apology video from Mr. Joss Whedon. The man is truly a class act, and Hollywood should clone him. Enjoy the show! Movie …

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Mar 28

More Photos from the Avengers 2 Set as well as an Apology Video from Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon is one hell of a class act. Not only is he the ultimate nerd pleaser, but the guy is respectful to the people around them. Avengers 2 is currently shooting in South Korea and you can imagine with the magnitude of this movie that they are making their presence known to the area. …

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Mar 26

Robert Downey Jr. Talks Avengers 2 Awesomeness


Robert Downey Jr. will step foot in his iron suit once again for Avengers 2, and he recently spoke up about the anticipated sequel with Variety. He also talks about being the oldest out of the bunch, and how eventually the role will have to be recast or retired. Something none of use want to …

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Dec 23

American Hustle – Film Review


American Hustle brings, Batman, Lois Lane, Hawkeye, Mystique, and the Racket Raccoon, all together in a film that has some true star power. Loosely based on a true story, David O. Russell tells us the story about con men, being forced into conning other con men, but are also being conned. Have I lost you …

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