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Nov 13

Batsuit has been Seen by Kevin Smith!!! Nightwing Casting Rumors for Batman Vs. Superman!


What is up fellow FIlm Junkees! Time for that video portion of the week on FIlm Junkee. So much news to cover that I am seriously considering doing two shows a week. So much Batman Vs. Superman news it is crazy. Kevin Smith saw the batsuit! Someone really needs to hack Zack Snyder’s phone like …

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Nov 05

Lionsgate Wants Jigsaw to Return for Saw VIII


Here is something I was not expecting, but it really does not surprise me. Seems that Lionsgate is currently in development for a brand new Saw sequel. The movie that paved the way for low-budget horror romps will reach to its 8th installment. There was a rumor that Lionsgate was looking to just reboot the …

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