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Feb 10

Joaquin Phoenix Playing The Joker. Thoughts…

Leonardo DiCaprio was the first name thrown out there to play The Joker in Martin Scorsese’s and Todd Phillips’ origin movie. Now Joaquin Phoenix has been thrown out there and I got to say, I’m okay with it. More so than Leo actually. Hear my thoughts above.

Jan 13

Her – Film Review


In the not so distant future, a brand new AI will be developed that is so advanced it can interact and evolve just like humans. Her tells us the story of Theodore who gets the new OS named Samantha, and then they begin to have a loving relationship. How ridiculous does that sound? Yes, the …

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Dec 21

Joaquin Phoenix for Lex Luthor?! Paul Rudd is Ant-Man


Happy saturday film lovers. Time for another video dosage of the Film Junkee. Not a whole lot of news on today’s show, but there is a some good Batman Vs. Superman news. Joaquin Phoenix might be up for the Lex Luthor role, which I think is a pretty good idea. Enjoy the show! Movie News …

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Dec 18

Joaquin Phoenix Up for Lex Luthor in Batman Vs. Superman?!


Joaquin Phoenix is getting tons of buzz about his performance in the upcoming Spike Jonze’s movie, Her. He is a shoe in for another oscar nomination for that role according to early critic reviews, but it looks like Warner Bros. wants him to play a role in Batman Vs. Superman. Hope he looks good bald. …

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