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Oct 29

Justice League Posters Released in the Past Week

New Justice League posters were released this week as pre=sale tickets went up. Gorgeous.

Oct 18

New Justice League Poster and Footage Showing Some Changes

A new Justice League poster has been released showing us our heroes ready for action. Not everyone is a fan of this poster though. It’s fine. But then we have new footage shown that has tweaked the background of some of these shots we already have seen. We are now seeing the progression of these …

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Oct 16

Barry Allen is Still in College in Justice League

A new image has been floating around the interwebs that gives us some info on Barry Allen in Justice League. Turns out Barry is still in college and attending Central City University. Image below. Ezra Miller as #TheFlash. He's electric.⚡️ #JusticeLeague pic.twitter.com/AH47PdmbDe — Justice League Movie (@justiceleaguewb) October 17, 2017 Special Announcement from Ezra Miller: …

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Oct 14

Justice League Pre-Sale Tickets Available October 30th

Where are those Justice League pre-sale tickets?! I already have may Last Jedi tickets, and it comes out a month after Justice League. Well, according to some sources there in Twitterville, pre-sale tickets will be available on October 30th. Set the date.

Oct 08

FINAL Justice League Trailer is Here!

The Final Justice League trailer has arrived! There’s no reason why you should be reading words that I am typing right now. If you have already watched the trailer, what are you doing? You have to watch at least 378 times today.

Oct 02

New Justice League Movie Stills and Behind the Scenes Featurette

Looks like Empire Magazine will be releasing that Justice League issue really soon as scans from the magazine have surfaced. There’s also a Behind the scenes featurette floating around so I’ll update this post accordingly. Awesome![https://t.co/jyDqhpQkOf] pic.twitter.com/DHpViNL3sI — Seán (@ReelFada) October 2, 2017

Sep 28

Danny Elfman Talks Justice League Moving Scene Needing String Orchestra

Danny Elfman was honored at Hollywood in Vienna” film music gala recently and he spoke about what’s happening wtih his score for Justice League. According to Elfman, he finished recording last week, but had to request a string orchestra to complete a “moving scene” in the movie. He got his way and many are suspecting this …

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Sep 16

Barry Allen ‘Flash Cave’ Easter Eggs and New Justice League Banner

An image of Barry Allen from Justice League in his “Flash Cave” was released a couple days ago, and you can stay busy looking at all the Easter Eggs there are. I talk about a few in the video, but please tell me more. There was also a new Justice League banner that showed up.

Sep 04

New Justice League Image of Ben Affleck’s Beautiful Bat Cowl Head

Is it beautiful? Of course it is. I don’t know how they make the mask for to his head like that but it;s straight out of the books. The Justice League update is a thing of beauty.

Sep 02

New Justice League Image with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash. WHAT ARE THEY LOOKING AT?!

The past couple days have been pretty exciting in the Justice League as individual posters from that Alex Ross inspired poster have been released. We also got a new image of Batman, Flash , and Wonder Woman, again looking up at something. What are they looking at? Parademons. Parademon nest. Superman? Time will tell.