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Jan 02

New Justice League Concept Art and BTS Images Show Us What Could’ve Been

New Justice League concept art and behind the scenes shots have surfaced and it shows us more of what could’ve been. Batman handling some Parademon weaponry? Come on!!!

Nov 29

Batman Tactical Suit and Parademon Early Concept Art for justice League Revealed

Jerod Marantz posted some early concepts for Justice League on his Instagram recently, showing us what a Parademon could’ve looked like. It’s pretty scary, but I’m glad we got what we got. He also posted the tactical Batsuit for Batman and it’s pretty much what they used. Early #parademons #conceptart for #justiceleague This was a …

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Aug 10

New Justice League Concept Art Shows How Huge the Flying Fox Is

Entertainment Weekly just dropped a beautiful piece of concept art from Justice League that gives a good look at the Flying Fox. The thing is huge, and is most likely the “Watchtower” of the DCEU.

May 29

Justice League Movie Theater Merchandise Gives Us Another Look at the Team

Justice League Movie Theater Merchandise Gives… by filmjunkee We have a new look at some Justice League art that will appear on merchandise at your local movie theater. Superman joins the team this time, but not in that black suit. Don’t show us the black suit Warner Bros.

Sep 22

Henry Cavill Posts Superman Image with Kids and Justice League Member Standees

Henry Cavill Posts Superman Image with Kids and… by filmjunkee Henry Cavill went to Instagram to post a lovely little image with him in his Superman costume with kids, and some Justice League Standees. The standees are in the concept art nature and give us a new look at each Justice League member so that’s …

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Jun 27

Justice League Concept Art Featuring The Flash and Cyborg!

Justice League Concept Art Featuring The Flash… by filmjunkeeThe Batman v Superman Ultimate Cut Blu-ray is full of tasty goodies, and the biggest one that has been found so far is concept art of all the Justice League members together. We’ve already seen The Trinity Concept art, but now get a good look at The …

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Jan 19

Dawn of Justice League Shows Concept Art of Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman!

It’s been quite a night my friends. Dc and Warner Bros. have been cooking up quite a universe, and tonight’s Dawn of the Justice League did not disappoint. Each hero is getting a video that shows their origin and gives us come concept art for the characters we haven’t seen yet. So good.