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Feb 04

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Hinted at Green Lantern Back in November


Well here is a nice find the boys over at Batman-News dug up. Seems that Dwayne Johnson hinted at the John Stewart Green Lantern role back in November, when he posted that very image you see above on Instagram with the hashtag #JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss. I don’t think many people saw that, because the rumor of him …

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Jan 25

Two Batsuits for Batman! Ant-Man Takes Batman Vs. Superman’s Release Date!


Hope your Saturday is treating you right my friends. Time for that video portion of the Film Junkee. I kind of rant on all the posts that found it shocking that Gal Gadot was also going to appear in the Justice League movie, as well as her own movie. Also talk a little bit more …

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Jan 23

Arrow Star Stephen Amell Addresses Justice League Rumors


Here comes more drama from the DC and Warner Bros. world. Seems that Arrow star, Stephen Amell, was rumored to be talking to studio executives about showing up in the Justice League movie. Seems like it would be a great idea, considering that Arrow has become a popular show, but rumors doing what rumors do, …

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Jan 22

Gal Gadot will Play Wonder Woman in at Least 2 More Movies


Gal Gadot was shocked when she was chosen to play Wonder Woman, and so were a lot of us. Sure, she is beautiful model/actress, but given her physique, a lot of trolls out there screamed at their computer monitors. Gadot recently interviewed with Good Evening with Gai Pines,¬†which they found out that she signed on …

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Jan 21

Josh Holloway Talks Aquaman Rumors for Batman Vs. Superman


With Batman Vs. Superman being delayed another year, this leaves Warner Bros. and the production more time to figure out what characters will be in the film, as well as who will play them. The rumor mill has been spinning like a fan, and the two actors mentioned for Aquaman were Jason Momoa and Josh …

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Jan 14

Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League Shooting Back to Back?!?! Michael Douglas is Ant-Man!


Film Junkee in its video form is back after that week off. Lots of news to talk about, especially in the Batman Vs. Superman world. The codename for the movie has been leaked, and now we have a big rumor that the Justice League movie might be filmed right after Batman Vs. Superman. It never …

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Jan 14

Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League Shooting Back to Back?


With all the casting rumors surrounding Batman Vs. Superman, many were thinking that the movie was just going to end up being the Justice League movie. With the addition of Wonder Woman, and rumors that other players of the league would make an appearance, us nerds were getting worried that too much was going on …

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