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Dec 06

Justice League Opens Big in China and Finally Reaches $200 Million Domestically

Justice League is certainly struggling at the box office, but if you want some positivity, look to China. It opened in China at $98.6 million and eventually hit over $100 million. This makes it the biggest DC Film opener, so there’s that. It currently sits at $572 million, so it’ll definitely get over $600 million. …

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Nov 29

Batman Tactical Suit and Parademon Early Concept Art for justice League Revealed

Jerod Marantz posted some early concepts for Justice League on his Instagram recently, showing us what a Parademon could’ve looked like. It’s pretty scary, but I’m glad we got what we got. He also posted the tactical Batsuit for Batman and it’s pretty much what they used. Early #parademons #conceptart for #justiceleague This was a …

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Nov 21

Superman Officially Joins the Justice League in Alex Ross Inspired Poster

We finally have Superman in the crowd favorite Alex Ross inspired Justice League poster. With his real face! (I’m sorry) And the poster now feels complete, even if it’s still missing that green guy.

Nov 20

Henry Cavill is Still Contracted for One More Superman Appearance but He’s Not Going Anywhere

There’s a lot of info pouring out of the DCEU that we have to take with an HUGE grain of salt. Given the low box office numbers for Justice League, many are worried about what Warner Bros. is now planning, and especially about our beloved Superman, Henry Cavill. Still no announcement for Man of Steel …

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Nov 09

Danny Elfman Talks About Coming Up with Themes for Justice League

Danny Elfman spoke with the official DC Comics website about coming up with the themes for Justice League. I came up with two heroic themes, one which was just an overall Justice League theme and one which was a team theme. I’m using that more when the team is coming together. I also have an “Anti-Hero Theme” as well …

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Nov 07

Justice League has a Post-Credits Scene According to Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa let us know that we need to sit through the credits for Justice League as there is a post-credits scene. Copying Marvel? Hardly. Charles Roven said they’ll utilize this if it’s necessary. Only other DCEU film that has one is Suicide Squad. They do. You’ve gotta sit through the whole thing and go through …

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Nov 06

Henry Cavill Explains the Superman Mustache Removal Process for Justice League

So the Superman mustache was a thing, but highly doubt it cost $25 million to remove. Henry Cavill spoke at the Justice League junkets about the process of removing the mustache. Watch down below at the 4:50 mark.

Nov 03

A Ton of New Justice League Images Surface to Nerd Out About

A ton of Justice League images have surfaced so grab the lotion and remove the pants. What is wrong with me? Some are stills from the movie and others are behind the scenes. Have fun.

Oct 31

Danny Elfman is Bringing Back Batman’s Theme for Justice League

A little controversy today as Danny Elfman in a recent interview mentioned that he will not use Hans Zimmer’s Batman theme he created for Batman v Superman. He plans on bringing back his Batman theme that everyone knows and loves, so we should all be happy about that. Some aren’t, but don’t worry, the Zimmer …

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Oct 29

Justice League Posters Released in the Past Week

New Justice League posters were released this week as pre=sale tickets went up. Gorgeous.